A Money Saving Chart That Will Save You An Extra $1,000 Per Year

What would an extra $1,000 do to your year?  It’s a significant amount of money.  You could use it to cover the cost of gifts at Christmas.  You could take a decent vacation.  Or you could pay cash for that big ticket item you’ve been wanting.  (Imagine how much money you’ll save in interest and fees!)

Money saving charts are a popular way to save up.  But one problem with those charts is that they aren’t forgiving.  It tells you what amount you need to save each week.  But what if the week they ask you to save a big amount of cash falls on a week when the car breaks down?  Or maybe when you’ve got 2 birthdays to cover?

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Large Family Definition: A History of Big Family Life in Numbers

What’s the magic number of kids a family needs to meet the large family definition?  When people make comments about you having your hands full?  (Or remarks too rude to put into print?)

Is it when your grocery bill doubles, or when you have to buy a bigger car?  Maybe when networks contact you with a pitch for a reality tv show?

There’s no definitive answer to what number of children makes a family reach “large family status”.  But that doesn’t stop people from making an educated guess.

Let’s look at some stats, some facts, and some real world experiences of large families.

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5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 65

I’ve got a premature spring cleaning itch.  The weather has been nice enough to throw open the windows (odd for February in Ohio).  But I think I’m just trying to clean away all the germs that keep making their way into our home!

Being Type A, I tend to prefer to use a checklist when I clean.  Otherwise, I spin my wheels cleaning a bit of this and a bit of that.  I’d rather know where I’ve been and where I’m going.

How about you?

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6 Benefits of Saving Money in a Bank You Don’t Want to Miss

Paychecks.  Tax refunds.  Interest.  Checks.

These are all things that are made possible (or easier) by a having bank account.

Keeping track of your bank account is easier than it’s ever been.  In the world of technology, you can check your bank account from anywhere with a few swipes on your phone.

Let’s talk about the benefits of saving money in a bank.  Because if you don’t have a bank account, you’re missing out.

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From Toys to Clothes: 25 Ways to a Less Stressed Mess

Tired of running late to everything because Johnny can’t find his backpack?  Boy do I get it!  You need ideas for getting the kids rooms in order.  Not more cutesy ideas from Pinterest.  But actual tried and true methods for sorting the stuff.

Take it from a mom of five.  I’ve tried so many methods for organizing the clothes, toys, books, games, and school work.  Some ideas seem fine in theory, but don’t work out so great in practice.

And trust me.  If it can’t be done on the cheap, it won’t be done at all.  So I found you 25 different ways to get things organized that won’t break the bank.  Now all you need to do is pop over to A Budget Friendly Life to read all about it.