What would an extra $1,000 do to your year?  It’s a significant amount of money.  You could use it to cover the cost of gifts at Christmas.  You could take a decent vacation.  Or you could pay cash for that big ticket item you’ve been wanting.  (Imagine how much money you’ll save in interest and fees!)

Money saving charts are a popular way to save up.  But the problem with the charts out there now is that they aren’t forgiving.  They tell you an amount to save each week.  But what if the big saving numbers fall on a week when the car breaks down?  Or when you’ve got 2 birthdays to cover?

A Money Saving Chart for All of Us

Finally...A Money Saving Chart Everyone Can Use! Try this money saving chart to save an extra $1,000 this year.

One size doesn’t fit all.  We need a chart that offers a bit more flexibility.  In our home, May is a busy month that rivals December in cost.  I couldn’t save as much in that month.

But in your home, May might be the month when you get a big bonus.  You’d be better off saving a larger amount that month.

How can we make a chart that works for both of us?

Simple.  I’ve pulled together a variety of amounts of money that add up to $1,000.  This chart allows you to pick and choose the best amount of money to line up with the kind of week you’re having.

How to Use This Money Saving Chart

My advice is to push hard.  If you think you can save up $20 this week, try for $22.  Pick the highest number you can reasonably save without causing you hardship.  (Don’t put money in this account that you should be sending to your mortgage payment.)

Notice that there is only one week off.  You get one free pass, so use it wisely!  The larger numbers would be best to use on a week when you get a bonus at work.  Or maybe an unexpected rebate check shows up in the mail.  I’ll share a few more ideas for getting extra cash below.

The Chart

Click the chart to print your own copy.  Attach it to a large envelope (for saving the money in) or hang it on the fridge where you’ll see it often while you store the money in its own bank account.

Money Saving Chart to Save $1,000 This Year

How to Come Up With the Cash

A simple way to boost your money saving chart is deciding that any “found money” you get will go into that account.  That means everything from getting a bonus to rebates to literally finding money in a pocket or on the street.  Just match the amount you get to the box on the chart.

Skip an extra purchase you were considering and put that cash in this fund instead.  Cut back on junk food and pocket the difference.

There are plenty of ways to save bits of money, and I’ve shared tons of tips on the blog.  Use a combination of money saving tips and ways to earn extra money.

For a long list of ideas, check out my 30 Day Money Challenge.

Secure Your Savings and Find Peace in the New Year: A 30 Day Money Challenge

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This money saving chart is just what you need to save money for that big ticket item.

Print it out today and get started!

Have you ever used a money saving chart?

Forget About That Money Saving Chart for Perfect People
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Forget About That Money Saving Chart for Perfect People
Do you need a money saving chart that fits your busy year a little better? Customize this chart to fit your needs and enjoy an extra $1000 next year!
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