30 Day Money Challenge: Secure Your Savings and Find Peace in the New Year

This brand new 30 day money challenge will set you up for success in paying off debt.

One year ago, my Hubby and I discovered a fatal flaw in all of our carefully laid plans.  We were good at setting goals for ourselves each year, but we were struggling to meet them.  Something was holding us back from everything we wanted to accomplish.

That something was a nasty habit called Debt.

We could see in black and white that nothing could really be accomplished until we knocked out our credit card debt.  Only then could we make big changes in our lives.

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The Best of Medium Sized Family 2016

The longer I blog, the more important it is to pay attention to the things that are working.  With that in mind, I wanted to know which of my posts were the most read in 2016.  After all, I need to write about the things that interest you the most!

In case you’re a little curious, too, here are some of the most read posts at Medium Sized Family of the year.

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Celebrating a Frugal Christmas in the #Yearofno

Not long ago we watched an old home video of Christmas morning when our oldest child was just turning 2. It was adorable, of course, and I loved looking back at how simple our life was then. But the most striking thing was watching him enjoy his gifts.

Santa had brought several toys. But only one gift held his attention. His new basketball hoop. He picked up that ball over and over. “Basket! Basket!” I watched a younger version of myself show him the other toys he’d received, but none of them held his attention like that basketball.

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How to Build a Sinking Fund and Get Out of the Debt Trap

Watching the balance on our biggest credit card shrink over the past year has been…how should I put this?  Ah-maz-ing!  Our main goal in our #yearofno has been to knock out this debt every chance we get.  It’s gone so well.

But there is one thing that I wish we had done differently.  Something that could have made a bigger difference in our debt payments.

It’s called a sinking fund. It’s a genius (but uncomplicated) idea that prepares you for those nagging expenses that add to debt.

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Habits of People Getting Free from Debt

I can’t help but notice that our family has picked up some new habits.  We’re marching our way out of debt this year.  Our #yearofno motto has played a big role in helping us move towards debt freedom.  But it’s not the only trick we’ve learned along the way!

That’s why I hope you’ll check out my new post, 7 Habits of People Winning the Fight Against Debt.  Money Saving Mom’s Crystal Paine has graciously allowed me to share with her readers, so you can find it over there.

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