6 Benefits of Saving Money in a Bank You Don’t Want to Miss

Paychecks.  Tax refunds.  Interest.  Checks.

These are all things that are made possible (or easier) by a having bank account.

Keeping track of your bank account is easier than it’s ever been.  In the world of technology, you can check your bank account from anywhere with a few swipes on your phone.

Let’s talk about the benefits of saving money in a bank.  Because if you don’t have a bank account, you’re missing out.

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5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 64

My poor daughter.  She missed her Christmas party at school due to germs.  And on Valentine’s Day, the germs paid her another visit.  She desperately wanted to go to school, but I obviously couldn’t spread those germs through her classmates.

Instead, we popped some popcorn, I made some hot chocolate, and we watched Tangled.  Not a substitute for fun with her friends, but at least it turned her frown upside down.

Sometimes you’ve just got to make the most of your situation.  I hope I can teach her to look for the good!

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5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 63

When I walked in the door from a meeting I couldn’t miss, I couldn’t help but joke that our living room looked like a Civil War hospital scene.  At one point this week, all 7 of us were sick at home.  It’s not much fun to power through and make sure everyone is still cared for, but I still haven’t located the phone number for my substitute mom.  So on we go.

We spent a lot of time watching Netflix and eating popsicles this week.  Good thing those are frugal choices, anyway.

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You’ll Heart These Free or Cheap Valentines Day Decor Ideas

My daughter actually cried when she came home to find the walls bare.  Christmas was over, sure.  But did we have to take down ALL the decorations?

Removing decorations is a let down.  But luckily for us, there’s another holiday just around the corner.  Why not spread some happy Valentines vibes by decorating your home?

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make your house ready for Cupid!  Check out these adorable Valentines Day decor ideas (that won’t break your budget!).

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