Looking for a cheap wedding gift that the happy couple is sure to love?  

You grab the mail and flip through the pile.  Bill, junk mail, bill, you’ve won $1,000,000 (again…darn those stipulations, though), and what’s this?  A wedding invitation.

At first, it’s kind of exciting.  Who’s getting married?  Oh, I haven’t seen so-and-so in forever!

But by the time you rip open the envelope, you’re already starting to calculate how much this wedding is going to cost you.  How are you going to fit this into the budget?

We’re all trying to save money, and wedding gifts can be so expensive.  Finding a cheap wedding gift that you know the couple will still love is tough.

I’m not going to give you a list of things you can buy from the dollar store.  This is my own method for getting the absolute best deal on items that are already on the happy couple’s gift registry.  They registered for it, so you know they want it.  But let’s save some money before you make that purchase.

Cheap Wedding Gifts and Fantastic Deals

Cheap Wedding Gifts: How to Get a Fantastic Deal on Whatever You Buy. If you've been invited to a wedding, you're looking for cheap wedding gift ideas. Check out this method for saving on whatever you buy.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find out where the wedding couple is registered.  Some of the more popular stores seem to be Target, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart.  If the store isn’t listed in the invitation and you can’t ask anyone where they are registered, search those stores first.

If you can’t figure out where they are registered (or you have something against buying from a registry), this method of shopping will still work great.  You’ll just have to make your own decision about what you’ll buy.

Cheap Wedding Gift IdeasKnow Your Budget

How much do you want to spend on this gift?  You’re looking for a cheap wedding gift, but that price will be different for every budget.

Choose an amount that fits your checking account pretty well.  Don’t worry, when you get to the next couple of steps you’ll find that you get to keep or get back some of that money.  Still, don’t start with a price that’s higher than your comfort level.

Once you’ve found the registry (or if you’re just winging it), try to find 2 or 3 things on the list that would work.  If nothing seems to be a good fit for your budget, look at lower cost items that they might want duplicates of.  Towels, kitchen items, and lamps come to mind.

Be sure to have more than one gift idea.  It wouldn’t be good to go through this process only to find that someone else has bought that item in the meantime, or the store is out of what you’d wanted to buy.

Get a Gift Card

You know which store you are purchasing from and about how much money you want to spend.  Now it’s time to head to a website like CardCash.com or Cardpool.com to purchase a gift card to that store at a discount.  Not because you’re going to give the card as a gift, but because you’ll use it to buy that gift at a discount.

You’ll find more savings at some stores versus other stores.  For instance, I’ve found bigger savings for Bed, Bath, & Beyond versus Walmart.  But every little bit helps.

Be sure to buy a digital card that will be sent to your email digitally rather than mailed to you.  Who wants to wait for the mail?

Cheap Wedding GiftsHead to Ebates

With gift card at the ready, head over to Ebates.  If you aren’t already signed up, be sure to join.  Not only do they give you cash back every time you shop through them, but they also share coupon codes and sales.

Search for your store, and note any coupon codes that apply to your purchase.  Click through to the store.


Keep an eye on shipping costs.  Sometimes it’s cheaper to ship directly to the couple.  Other times, it saves quite a bit for you to pick it up at the store.  If you are within a few bucks of getting free shipping, throw in a little extra item if it saves you to buy more.

Check Out

Don’t forget to use any coupon codes you’ve found.  Get your best deal on shipping.  And use that gift card you purchased at a discount.


You might have found a cheap wedding gift, but the happy couple never needs to know how much you saved.  And the next time you get an invitation in the mail, you can skip the part where you dread the cost.

How have you saved on wedding gifts?

Cheap Wedding Gifts: How to Get a Fantastic Deal on Whatever You Buy
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Cheap Wedding Gifts: How to Get a Fantastic Deal on Whatever You Buy
Looking for a deal on a cheap wedding gift? What if you could save money on any gift from their registry? Be a cheapskate without them ever knowing.