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It was still cold outside, but it was already time to start thinking of fundraisers for our baseball team.  Let’s see…we’d already sold flowers and discounts to a local pizza joint.  We’d held car washes and signs outside a fast food restaurant.  They were all fine, but becoming a bit overdone.  Besides, some of those are tough to do in cold weather.

So I started poking around the internet, looking for ideas.

And that’s when I discovered Pear.

It was totally different from every other fundraiser we’d tried.  This company was offering to link our team up to a company that was interested in sponsoring a local group like ours.  It meant that we could ask our friends and family for a couple of minutes of their time rather than begging them for money again.

I’ll admit, we were skeptical.  But we gave it a try.  It turned out to be so worth it!  Read on to learn more about how Pear works, and what our own experience was like.

This is an easy fundraising idea for groups that hate to sell. Need to raise funds, but tired of selling to loved ones all the time? What if there was a way to raise money without costing friends and family a dime? Check this out!

What’s So Great About Pear?

Pear is a website that matches companies to teams and groups needing funding.  (Pear is part of the Custom Ink company.  You may have heard of their t-shirts.)

Your loved ones are likely tired of buying another useless gadget to show support for your child.  But most of them are willing to watch a video or print a coupon to earn the group money.  That makes Pear a great solution.

How Does It Work?

The person leading the fundraiser plugs in some simple information to the site such as your general location and information about your group or team.  That helps them to match you up with the best fit for sponsorship.

Many of these companies you already know; including Allstate, Nabisco, Verizon, and more.  These sponsors are offering help with apparel (such as uniforms), gift cards, or cash donations.

Baseball fundraiser

Once you have a sponsor match, you’ll set up your team’s Pear web page.  It’s very simple to do, and takes no more than 5 minutes.

Then simply ask friends and family to click over to your team page.  There they will have different tasks they can do.  (Some examples include liking a Facebook page, sending a Tweet, or watching a company’s advertisement.)

Each click your friends make adds money to your sponsored account.

A fundraiser where a company gets some recognition, a team gets the equipment that they need, parents save money, and friends and family aren’t alienated in the process?  Yes, please!

You can start your own fundraiser in 5 minutes by clicking here.

Current Offers Include:

My Experience Using Pear

So how did our own baseball fundraiser go?
School fundraiserIt was simple to set up.  I gave them my basic information.

Be aware that you will need to file a W9, but your group’s leaders or officers should already have this.  (You need this info to raise money with nearly every fundraising company out there for tax purposes.)  If you don’t have a W9 on hand right now, it’s no problem to wait and send it to them after your fundraiser closes.  So you can still get started right away.

I posted the info to Facebook, and we were able to start raising money immediately.  No waiting for booklets or info to pass out as we saw people.

Within an hour we had already raised $93.  By the end of our 10 days, we had earned $740.  And that isn’t money that we shared with a company.  The money you earn belongs totally to your group.

Things to Be Aware Of

  • Your site is only live for 10 days once you begin, so you’ll want to make the most of that short amount of time.  You wouldn’t want to begin it over spring break or during a time that many people are away from their social media or computers.
  • Most companies have a cap on the amount of money you are able to raise.  In our case, it was $1,000 in cash.
  • There’s no minimum.  While our goal was raising the full $1,000, that didn’t mean that we had to raise that much to earn any money.  If your team earns $300 (for instance), that’s the amount they’ll send you.
  • Find other groups on Pear that are fundraising and click their links to support them.  Then leave them a note with a link to your own group so that they can return the favor!
  • It can take up to 28 days for your money to come.  Our team got their money in about 14 days.

Easy fundraising idea for teams that hate to sell. You'll be surprised by how easy this fundraiser really is!

What Did My Friends and Family Think of It?

Most friends and family had no trouble doing the tasks.  Some of them signed in using their Facebook accounts.  Others didn’t use Facebook, so they signed in with email.  These friends weren’t able to do all of the tasks that they were asked, but could still watch videos and visit websites.

Our supporters enjoyed the fact that they could do the tasks in less than 10 minutes while watching TV.  They loved not having to buy anything!

No one is required to do a minimum number of tasks.  So if friends signed in and only watched the video, our group received money from that.  Obviously, the more tasks a person does, the more it benefits your group.

If your group needs to hold a fundraiser, but hates to sell things, Pear may be just right for you!

Our team was thankful to get the money they needed to cover uniform costs.  No frostbite from washing cars in February necessary!

Click here to begin your own fundraiser today.

What fundraisers have you found to be successful?

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