Kroger Clicklist Review: Is It Really Easier to Shop from Home?

After trying out the new service at my local grocery store, I decided to write up a Kroger Clicklist Review.  I was not compensated for this post at all, but I thought others might benefit from reading about my experience.  Get all the nitty gritty details here!

Many grocery stores across the country have a curbside service for their customers.  My local Kroger store has an option called Kroger Clicklist.  Kroger Clicklist lets you order all your groceries online from the comfort of home.  Then you pickup your groceries without ever leaving your car.

This type of service is becoming popular around the United States.  So do some research to see if your local grocery stores provide it yet.

Here’s my Kroger Clicklist review.

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We are always busy, but some weeks are even busier than others.  I was talking about making a late night grocery shopping trip with my Hubby.  I told him that I hate to do it, since I’ve not been sleeping well lately, but there is no other time available.

He suggested trying out the new service offered by our local grocery store.  You shop online, then go to the store and they put all the groceries you ordered right into your car.  No need to chase kids through the store or lug a heavy shopping cart from one end of the store to the other.

I thought it was certainly worth trying!

How Kroger Clicklist Works

Start Your List

I already had a account linked to my Kroger card for digital coupons, so I just signed in as usual.  If  you don’t have an account, it’s free to sign up.  You’ll want to link your Kroger card to your account for the most savings.

I clicked on the “Clicklist” option in the menu bar to begin.

Assuming that you regularly use your Kroger card, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to shop.  Since I like to keep life simple, I have a long list of items I buy every time I go to the store.

Check out my standard grocery shopping list for more ideas on simplifying life!

The first line of options titled “My Favorites” includes all of the items you purchase regularly.  It was simple to go through and just check the items I needed on this trip.

The next line down is “My Recent Purchases”.  This line was good for the things I buy less often, or seasonally.

Below that I found another line titled “Sale Items for You”.  This line was a frugal favorite!

Your Whole Grocery List

Once I had my core grocery list done, I looked over my menu plan.  Anything that wasn’t already on my list, I added by doing a quick search and selecting what I wanted.

You can also choose items from the Department drop down menu to add items.

Complete Your Order

Once you complete your order, you’ll have a chance to look it over and make sure that everything is correct.  You’ll also have the option to allow them to substitute for items that are out of stock.

I wasn’t sure about the substitution, so I unchecked it for items we are more particular about.


When I picked up my order, they had substituted a few items.  For instance, I ordered a 40 oz bottle of barbecue sauce.  They were out of that, so they gave me an 80 oz bottle of the same brand at the lower 40 oz price.  So it will often work in your favor.

When you are at the store, they will show you all substitutions and you can always decline them.  In that case, you don’t pay anything for that item since you wouldn’t be buying it after all.

Next, you’ll choose a pickup time.  You can’t pickup the same day you order, but you can choose an hour that works best for you within the next 7 days.

You will not pay when you place your order.

One Important Note:

The website is not clear on this, and it caused me a bit of headache.  The workers shop on the day that you pickup your order.  That means that you’ll pay whatever price your items are on the day you pickup.

Here’s why that can cause problems:

The estimated prices you see on the website are displaying the sales for the day you are shopping online.  So if you are clicking groceries on the website on Tuesday, the site displays the Tuesday sale prices.

But if you store changes to a new sales flyer on Wednesday, then you will be paying Wednesday prices when you go to pickup the order.

The trouble is that there is no way of knowing what prices will still be good on Wednesday by looking at their website.  This is something I’ve been told that the company is still looking into.

If shopping sales is important to you, my recommendation is that you do not place orders across sales dates.  If your store’s sale runs from Sunday to Saturday, do not place an order on one side of that Saturday sale and pick it up on Sunday or later.

Go Get It!

Be sure to show up at the store during the hour that you promised to show up.  If not, you risk losing your entire order and having to start over again.

Once you arrive at the store, look for blue signs that say Kroger Clicklist and point you to the pickup zone.

At the pickup zone, you’ll find a phone number to call and let them know that you’ve arrived.  A worker will come to your car to review your order.  You’ll need to pay with a credit or debit card.

Digital coupons work as usual.  They do accept paper coupons, but it will take a little longer to check out if you use them.  And don’t forget that you can always use the Ibotta app to save more when you get home!

Then the workers will load your car for you.  They even brought my bread up to the front window so it wasn’t squished!

Don’t tip the workers.  (In fact, they aren’t even allowed to accept tips for safety purposes.)

Questions and Suggestions

Is there a fee?  Your first three orders are free.  After that, there is a $4.95 fee for this service.  Fees in different regions may vary.

I’m picky.  Will they choose good items?  You can add extra instructions.  If you prefer your bananas on the green side, you can write that in.

In my experience, I was mostly happy with their produce choices.  The tomatoes were a bit more wrinkly than I’d have liked.  But since I ordered a lot of produce and that was my only complaint, I’d do it again.

Review Your Order  Be sure to go through your entire order.  You aren’t charged based on what you ordered, you are charged based on what the worker shopped for.

For instance, I ordered 6 whole chickens.  They only gave me one.  While I was only charged for one chicken, the missing chicken put a wrinkle in my menu plans and budget.

If you place a large order (in my case, 200 items), don’t expect perfection.  After all, I make mistakes when I do this giant shopping trip myself.

When I realized the mistake with the missing chickens, I called the store. They offered me a credit for my extra time and effort to pick up the meat they had missed.

Pros and Cons of Kroger Clicklist

While I can’t say that my experience was perfect, I would do it again.


  • I love the ease of this service!  I didn’t have to leave my car at all.  If I were pregnant, had sick kids, had all my kids with me, or had an injury this would be perfect.  I wish it had been around during all my pregnancies.
  • You can’t make impulse buys with this service.  What you put in the online cart is what you get.  They don’t try to upsell you when you checkout.
  • Assuming you stay within the sale ad, you can better track your spending.  They tally your estimated price as you click.


  • I prefer to make my own choices and to look for other deals while I grocery shop, so I wouldn’t shop this way every time.  If you are picky about your fruit or meat, you can leave them a specific note.  But ultimately, you are still at the mercy of whoever shops for you.
  • I wasn’t able to grab excellent deals on clearance items in the store.

My Verdict

I would not use this service every time I grocery shop.  And if charged the $4.95 fee, I would save it for larger purchases to make it worth the fee.  I generally prefer to have a bit more control over my shopping.

But during super busy or stressful times, I think this is an awesome service to have available.  I definitely will be using it again.

Learn why I shop every 2 weeks (whether we need groceries or not!).  It saves us a ton of money.

Grocery shopping on a budget

Kroger Clicklist Review: Is It Really Easier to Shop from Home?
Have you wondered what Kroger Clicklist and other shop from home grocery services are all about? Here's a review of how it works, plus pros and cons.
Kroger Clicklist
Written by: Jamie Jeffers
Date Published: 06/27/2016

Have you used Clicklist or a similar service?  What do you think of it?

Kroger Clicklist Review: Is It Really Easier to Shop from Home?
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Kroger Clicklist Review: Is It Really Easier to Shop from Home?
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  1. I totally agree! My daughter eats apples like they’re going out of style, but I only buy organic apples. They couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted so I would always get 1 apple instead of a bag. I finally wrote it in the comment section and we were successful the next go around. I feel like the $4.95 fee is ok since I’m not throwing extra things in my cart, and I generally end up saving money. Plus I can go in my pajamas 🙂 I’m working nights this week, so while I’m at work tonight, I’m going to hopefully get my order in and pick it up when I wake up.

  2. I agree entirely with your review. I think it’s a great service when you don’t have time (or are sick, etc) but it’s not something I would do every single time I shopped. I did mine at Harris Teeter but it was essentially the same, however, they apply your coupons to the next order to speed up the process. It’s a little weird to think that through but either way you get the discount.

    I also agree that the service fee is likely wiped out when you think about the impulse buys you’re avoiding.

    • That’s an interesting way to handle the coupons. Does it work more like a credit in case the coupons have expired or don’t apply the next time?

  3. While there are no Kroger’s where I live, we have this feature available for my local grocery store for the same price and I always wondered how it worked. Thanks for letting us know! i feel more at ease knowing I can put in specifications about the type of fruit/veggies I want.

  4. They recently implemented this at our local Fred Meyer, and they just finished up redoing part of the parking lot for it, as well as the fancy doors, etc.
    I haven’t tried it yet, because I’ve no need for it. I do, however, like that they *finally* have some way to look up prices of things online (something they have needed for years). I go onto the clicklist part of the site, from and look for what I’m wanting to compare prices on. Saves me a lot of hassle.
    But getting groceries delivered isn’t for me. I can do it quick enough on my own, as well as wanting to choose out the things myself. On top of I prefer things bagged in a certain way (and load everything on the conveyer belt in the way I want, and get frustrated when the cashier picks and chooses around that order, lol) and certainly put in my truck in a certain way (to not squish certain things, ha). I’d rather avoid all that and just, well, do it the way I have for years. 😛

  5. LOL! I love shopping when I’m alone and not tired. At least for food. For clothing I’m never in the mood, at least not for myself, I love going shopping for clothing for my daughter though. But when my husband goes with me grocery shopping he’s in a hurry, hates rude people in the store, doesn’t like me to meander like I like to. So on days when I’m too tired or when he’s not in the mood for shopping this would be a great idea! LOL I love having him help me, but it’s not relaxing to hear him huff and puff and want me to hurry! That’s so worth $4.95! LOL

    • haha! I agree, I prefer to loiter while grocery shopping. My Hubby is more of an in and out kind of guy. That’s really handy when we just need a gallon of milk and no extras, though!

  6. Just so you are all aware, the meat cutter selects all of your meat and you can add any special instructions ( width, types of cuts anything) same for all produce items or any item in the store for that matter. If you allow subs on your order and they are out of stock they find one that is fitting and charge you the lowest price…. Its awesome about a 5 minute transaction

  7. I’m disabled, so is my mom. My 25 year old son ends up doing a lot of the shopping but it’s not a chore he really likes. He likes taking me to the store even less, because I like to take my time. We’re on our second clicklist order. He picks it up tomorrow. He says it’s easier to shop online, especially since everyone else can give input but we can’t throw things into the cart that he doesn’t see. I can still walk but my joints dislocate so I need to use an amigo in the store. If there is no scooter available I can’t get groceries. Between Postural Orhthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos (EDS has a lot of comorbid conditions and POTS is one) I’m totally wiped for the rest of that day and the next one too if I try to walk through a store. Sometimes I’m wiped out even just riding the scooter. Clicklist works well for us because otherwise there is a risk of an ER visit for whoever goes to the store, unless it’s my son and he can’t always go for us. He can run in and get a few things but for planning meals, snacks and general supplies for 5 people (sometimes 6 as my husband drives a semi, but he runs to the store when he’s home) this works great for us.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your health problems, but so happy that this system is working so well for your family! It certainly has some great benefits. I wish it had been around when I had sciatic pain in my pregnancies.

  8. I love the service and have used it 4 times already about $100 each time. I’m impressed with how nice they pick items according to my instructions but today I got cottage cheese that expired a week ago. This is inconvenient as I have to make a trip to return it. Some items I allow substitutions and some I do not. One trip they were out of stock on several items so they gave me a $5 coupon for my next trip. Mega Event items work just like in the store as well as digital coupons and they take my paper coupons at pick up. My items are always bagged logically and they always put the bread and eggs up front. You essentially shop at least the day before so there’s plenty of time to add items to your cart. I frequently think of something else and go back to the computer and put it in my cart. In the store I always managed to forget several items. The cut off time is midnight so I wait until I can think of everything I need before I submit the order for next day pick up. I’m primary caregiver for my mother with dementia and this service is a godsend for me. Not only that, but I really do feel important when I pull into the Clicklist lane. Thanks Kroger for this much needed and valuable service.

  9. What about buying ice cream and milk? Their pickup times have a 1 hour time between. i.e. Pickup time – between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Will your ice cream still be frozen or the milk cold if you get there at 5:00 p.m.?

    • Yes. I believe they keep the cold things in a fridge or freezer until you get there. I have bought milk (not ice cream) and other cold dairy items without issue.

    • Absolutely, I buy refrigerated and frozen items a lot. After they scan and bag cold items they store them in the cooler and freezer until you arrive.