Another school break is either fast approaching at your house, or it’s already here.  And hey, who doesn’t love the freedom from packing lunches, homework, car pools, and alarm clocks?

But it doesn’t take long before you get the first “I’m booooored” whine from the kids.  And soon, you’re trying to find ways to keep the kids occupied.

What you need is a way to keep the kids occupied in a fun, but educational way.  And it has to be affordable (read: free).

That’s why I’ve compiled a great list of free educational websites for students.  It’s #yearofno (spending) approved!

Free Educational Websites for Students. If your kids are bored and you're looking for an educational way to keep them occupied for a while, check out these tried and approved websites for learning. Best of all, they're free!

Our Favorite Free Educational Websites for Students

1.  Duolingo

This site is so great that you might decide to use it yourself!  Duolingo is a totally free site dedicated to teaching you a new language.  You can choose from Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and more.  It is available online as a website and also as an app for Kindle Fires and other tablets.  Get started learning a new language here.

2.  Kids Discover

You’ll be amazed at the beauty of Kids Discover.  It’s so fascinating that kids can’t help themselves.  They have to learn more!  They offer 200 free lessons.

If you want access to the rest of the lessons (including a break down into appropriate Lexile reading levels) it’s just $4 per month.  Discover these beautiful lessons here.

3.  ABCya!  

If you need fun (educational) games for your child in pre-k through 5th grade, they’ll enjoy ABCya!  This site has a great variety of games that reinforce math, reading, and strategy skills.  It’s also available as an app for tablets.  Learn more (pardon the pun!) here.

4.  ABC Mouse

You can get a free 30 day trial of ABC Mouse, which will get you through a good part of the summer.  (Be sure to write a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget to cancel the subscription if you choose not to continue after your trial period!)

This website is built for kids ages 2 to 7 to get a jump start on learning.  Topics covered include reading, math, geography, art, and music.  This site will give your young kids a great foundation for learning.

5.  Lego Games

If you kids love real life Legos, they’ll definitely enjoy playing these games.  They teach strategy and creativity.  Best of all, it encourages your kids to be more active and creative with their own Legos when they aren’t having screen time.

6.  Khan Academy

According to their website, Khan Academy “believes learners of all ages should have unlimited access to free educational content they can master at their own pace.”  What parent doesn’t want that for their child?

At Khan Academy, you’ll find a wealth of resources for everything from math to science; arts to computer skills.  Your child can learn to program or code (which are awesome computer skills to have).

They can focus on the type of history that is most appealing to them (art, United States, world).

Of course, I love that they can also learn about finance and entrepreneurship.  Older kids can get a test prep boost for SATs, MCAT, and more.  You might even find lessons here you’ll want to take advantage of yourself.  And it’s all completely free.

7.  Typing.com

If your kids tend to have a hunt and peck style of typing, they would definitely benefit from a typing lesson.  Luckily, you can get that for free from typing.com.  In today’s world, kids need this knowledge.

9 Tested and Approved Free Educational Websites for Students8.  Hoffman Academy

As a former elementary music teacher, I have to include music in a list of free educational websites for kids!  Hoffman Academy is an excellent free resource for learning how to play the piano.  So you can finally get your kids to play the one that’s been gathering dust in your dining room for years.

9.  Code.org

My 8 year old insists that this list is not complete without adding code.org.  This site teaches kids how to code on computers using fun themes like Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, and more.  It’s free, and if you’d like to save your progress you can do that by signing in using a free Google account.

These free educational websites for students will end boredom.

More importantly, it will stop the summer slide so your kids can begin the next school year with new learning rather than reviewing things they’ve forgotten.  Bookmark these sites so your kids can easily access them when they’ve earned some screen time.

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Do your kids have a favorite educational website that they makes learning fun?  Tell us about it!

9 Tested and Approved Free Educational Websites for Students
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9 Tested and Approved Free Educational Websites for Students
Looking for a list of free educational websites for kids? This list is kid tested and Mom approved. Keep the "I'm bored" whines and the summer slide at bay.
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