5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #167

Hoo boy, we have had a busy week here!

Between major home repairs, a pregnant goat, and a giant basement clean out, I’ve finally been getting that outside time I’ve been meaning to do.

But that has given us a lot of opportunities to save money, so at least it gave me something to write about this week.



Big Family Goals for A Strong 2023

It is totally uncool to create New Years resolutions, but doggonit, I can’t help myself.

There’s something about a fresh start that makes me want to try for something new.

So Happy New Year!

In this post, I’m sharing some before and after pics of our home addition from last year.

And I want your input on this blog! So pretty please read on and leave a comment. 🙂


4 Ways to Save On Groceries Without Stepping in a Store

Lately, when you grab a grocery cart, your stomach drops.  You already know that the prices in the store will be higher than they were the last time you stood in the same spot.

If you’re like me, that makes you think about ways you can save on groceries.

You’ve probably already thought of using coupons or buying more generic versions of foods. 

(Which is awesome, because you can definitely save by doing those things.)

But guess what?  If you really want to save money on food, there are things you ought to be doing before you ever set foot in a grocery store.

Because the truth about saving money on groceries is that savings don’t begin when you’re trying to decide if yogurt is cheaper by the cup or by the tub.

It all starts right in your own kitchen.


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #165

Our family has been taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather while we still can. Summertime is my favorite!

Mainly that means getting outside as much as possible, whether that’s doing fun stuff like swimming or jumping on the trampoline, or finally tackling long overdue barn chores.

One thing’s for sure…right now I’m a peach shake girl in a pumpkin spice world. haha

This week, I have definitely noticed one summer thing that I need to do better, as far as saving money goes.

I need to stop underestimating the amount of water we drink when we are out in the heat. We pack drinks, but it never fails that someone needs more water when we pile back into the car.


Easy Meatless Meal Ideas Your Family Is Gonna Love

Need meatless meal recipe ideas? Here’s how to convince your family to try a once a week meatless meal (and save on your grocery bill)!

With 3 teenage sons, another son that eats like a teenager, and a husband who is a bona fide carnivore, going meatless was, for me, a monumental task.

Totally worth it, though.  Because those boys have 2 sisters, and that makes for a lot of mouths to feed.

I knew I could convince this family to embrace a meatless meal just one night per week.  And after years of compromises, we’ve found some meatless meals that save money without compromising on taste.

Here is a whole list of meatless recipes that your family is sure to love.


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #164

Why hello!

Long time, no type!

Well, I’m just gonna jump right in here like I haven’t been taking huge breaks from this blog for the past year and a half, ok?

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed (ha!), but the price of pretty much every single thing has gone through the roof.

Trips to the grocery store have been an adventure ever since that one big thing happened in 2020. And it’s just getting worse.

I figured the best way to do better about my spending habits is to jump back into this blog. I mean, I’ve been using this thing to help me save more money (and stay accountable to saving more money) since 2016.

And those were easy years compared to now.

March Update On Our Big Goal $100 – 100x

March Update On Our Big Goal $100 – 100x

A few weeks ago, I told you about our family’s latest BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) of saving $10,000.

This wasn’t exactly a goal we chose…rather one our old house thrust upon us. (Thanks, whoever didn’t install the windows correctly and caused all of our foundation to rot away.)


Well, after weeks of ignoring the blog again (sorry about that), I figured I owed you an update.

So here we go…


Save $10000 Fast! – Introducing $100 – 100x

Save $10000 fast using this free printable chart. It’s a save $10,000 in 3 months challenge!

So I told you I had some exciting in the works for you…but I kinda lied.

I mean, I do think it’s exciting. But it’s also coming from a place of anxiety and worry (if I’m totally honest with you).

Eh, I guess I killed the mystery using a title like Save $10,000 Fast, right?

But you guessed it…that’s our BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) for 2022.

Funny enough, my Hubby and I thought our big hairy goal of finally adding on to our house in 2021 was going to be one of those life events you can celebrate, and then you can kind of chill out for a year or so.

Addition work, still in progress.


Life literally never works that way.

Here’s the story. As we were finishing up the big part of our home addition, we discovered that parts of our house that was built in the 1950s…

(stop me if you’ve heard this one)

…had massive damage.