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Ways To Save Money

Find tons of ideas for saving money in your every day life.

Cheap & Easy Recipes

Get meal ideas using simple ingredients that don’t take all day to make.

Get A List Of Things To Buy In Bulk

(And what you should never buy in bulk!)

Get A Whole New Way To Grocery Shop

As a Mom of 6, I got so tired of waiting to see what the grocery stores would run on sale and then having to build my meals around that.


Surely there’s a way to feed the family without losing sleep over the price of all that food.

Over the years, I developed a way to keep plenty of food on hand (which has been great, not only for the budget, but also for emergencies of all sorts) in the most affordable way.

The crazy thing is that this method works in any economy, no matter what diet your family needs or wants to follow.

With a little help, you can get your family’s budget back under your control so you can still eat well and sleep better at night.


Medium Sized Family Blog

The Medium Sized Family Blog

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About Jamie

Money Saving Mom of Six

Saving money isn’t optional when you’re raising six kids on one income.  And if you’re going through all of that effort anyway, why keep it to yourself?  I love helping Moms find ways to change the way they spend money so they get better sleep at night.  Because who wants to have another panic attack in the grocery checkout lane?

Readers On Your Grocery Budget Overhaul

It’s been about 4 months since I took the course, and I reduced our spending from $300 per week to about $175-200 per week, even with the prices continuing to creep up.  What a blessing. Anyway, thanks so much again for your wonderful course!”

Mary Hagerty

“I already purchased in bulk, but with very little purpose or thought. I was able to add a few tweaks here and there and a couple of major changes to the WHY and HOW that I purchased pantry staples and my grocery budget reflected these changes. The workbook allowed me to record my thoughts and make a plan and I plan to keep tweaking that plan to save even more!”

Heather Bates

My Book on 500 Ways To Save Money

Two years, five kids, on one income, my family used over 500 money saving tips to help us pay off over $20,000 in credit card debt.  Now, you can put those same ideas to use in your own home.

Easy ideas you can use right away.

Easy guide to go right to the tips that impact your family the most.

Has already helped dozens of families like yours.