10 Cheap Ways To Update Your Home: Affordable Tips To Transform Your Space

These cheap ways to update your home are easy, so start your dream home file now.

Remember the day you bought your home?

All the excitement of starting somewhere fresh and new made it seem like…well maybe not the perfect home, but close!

Over the years, though, that home started to feel boring.

It’s getting to the point that you just don’t want to be there anymore.

But with the cost of housing (not to mention the work and effort of moving), swapping house is just out of the question.

Well, that’s ok. Because once you put these cheap ideas in place, your home will feel new all over again.


The Best Cheap Gift Ideas For Mom On A Budget

She will love any of these cheap gift ideas for Mom on a budget. (Ideas gathered by a Mom of 6!)

I’ll go ahead and speak for your Mom when I say it is so sweet of you to think of her with a great gift idea!

Honestly, she’d be thrilled to just be allowed to take an uninterrupted nap.

But if you want to hand her something she’ll actually love this time (even though you don’t have much money to spend), fear not!

I’ve compiled a list of the best gifts on a budget for Mom that she’s sure to love.


31 Budget Meals For Large Families (Cheap, Easy, Delicious!)

This tried and true list of budget meals for large families is a winner! Cheap, easy dinner recipes for your next family dinner.

The cost of groceries is insane right now, especially when you’re feeding a family of eight. That makes having a good list of budget meals for large families on a shoestring grocery budget.

Not only are these meals filled with simple, affordable ingredients, but they are also easy to double, triple, or whatever -le your family needs!

For a year, I had my family try out new recipes.

These are only the winners. The recipes they loved and asked to have again.

So save these recipes to use in your Large Family Home over and over.

Simple Homemade Granola With Honey Recipe: A Hearty Breakfast You’ll Crave

Simple Homemade Granola With Honey Recipe: A Hearty Breakfast You’ll Crave

This simple granola recipe with honey will make your mouth water and keep you full for hours. It’s the perfect homemade breakfast granola recipe!

My Mom always said the closer to rocks and sticks her breakfast looked, the better.

And I agree.

You won’t believe how effortless this simple granola recipe is, and with a touch of honey, it is the perfect breakfast food.

Not only that, but it will keep you feeling full far longer than any box you get from the store.

(I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I eat a bowl of cereal only to be starving again a half hour later.)

The easy granola recipe is all yours.

Doing Better Than Before

Doing Better Than Before

Wellll, it was time to call the propane man to come fill up our tank.

When you heat with propane, you can’t really put off a refill. No one wants an exploding tank in their backyard.

But I hated to call them, because this was the first year my propane company ever refused to lock me in on a price.

And I could only imagine how much this was gonna cost.

Sure enough, the price was over $4 per gallon. But I told them to fill it up. Because who knows how much higher it will be the next time I call them?

Finally the bill was totaled. And even though I knew it would be high, it was even worse than I expected. I’d never seen a four figure bill for propane before.


Easiest Homemade Pizza Recipe Ever (Super Cheap To Make!)

What if I told you that I have a pizza dough recipe that takes less time than ordering a pizza and waiting for delivery?

Oh, and it takes like 5 minutes of effort, too.

Sound too good to be true?

Well I’m here to tell you that I’ve been making this recipe for 15 years, and it is one of the few things in life that sounds good and actually IS true.

That’s right.

Oh, and it has no weird ingredients. Even in this economy, it’s a great frugal choice.


An Update on Saving $10,000

A year ago, I revealed that our family had just added on to our home, only to find out that we had major damage that had to be repaired on the old part of our home.

Because we had just scraped up a bunch of money to pay for as much of our home addition in cash as possible, we didn’t have extra money lying around.

And…well, I think you’ve probably noticed the economy. That money we had been saving from paychecks is now instead funneled into the gas tank, grocery stores, and heat bills.

So we had to come up with a new way to pull together some cash to pay for this repair.

And it’s high time I give you an update!