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Easy snack ideas for kids…new ideas they’ll beg for day after day. Finally, a different snack for the kids that doesn’t take all day to make!

The hardest thing about being a parent is having to think of things to feed them every single day.

(Ok, ok, if that’s the hardest thing for you then count yourself lucky!)

Still, it’s a pain to try to think of something for them to eat 3 times a day.

And then, there’s the constant snacking.


Around our house, we have the regular snacky foods. And then there’s the special snacky foods.  The ones the kids beg for.

Here are some super easy snack ideas that our kids love.

Easy Snack Ideas For Kids


The Indoor S’more

Ever since I got my Sam’s Club membership, I can’t seem to come home without a huge tub of animal crackers.

They’re a hit every time.

But what makes them even better…is adding some mini marshmallows, some chocolate chips, and zapping them in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Fastest s’more ever…and sooooo good!

Kiwi Freeze

So my kids…who loooove kiwi so much they fight over it…

…suddenly stopped loving kiwi for no reason whatsoever.

So here I am with a tub of kiwi that no one wanted to eat.

I don’t know.

Anyway, I didn’t want it to go to waste. So I cut them all up and put them in the blender.

Then I poured it into a shallow plastic bowl and put it in the freezer.

Scooping out frozen kiwi is kinda like ice cream.  And who doesn’t like ice cream??

They totally ate it and asked for more!

You could do this with just about any kind of fruit, really.

Salami Rolls

Spread some cream cheese on your salami and voila!

My son actually thinks it’s a lot easier to use this kind of cheese, though.


They’re not just for breakfast anymore!

(This one came from an Amish shop and it was the size of my face!!)

Oatmeal Bars

These easy oatmeal bars are about the simplest recipe ever.

Mix everything in one bowl, pour it into a Pyrex, bake for a while, and then devour the whole pan.


We love smoothies because you can use just about any kind of fruit…frozen or fresh.  Use whatever yogurt you have the complements the fruit flavor.  Add some ice if your fruit isn’t frozen, a dash of milk, and everyone’s happy.

Freeze them into popsicles if your little people like them better that way.

Peanuts and Candy Corn

Ok, so you have to do this one in the fall. But it isn’t fall without it in our house!

(Tastes like a Baby Ruth candy bar…so good!)

Giant Pickles

Sam’s Club also has a huge jar of giant pickles for less than $5.  Perfect for kids…and maybe for their pregnant Mamas, too. 

Soft Pretzels

Sometimes I don’t think about having soft pretzels at my house. They seem like a concession stand thing. But trust me…they’re way cheaper if you grab a box for your freezer.

Something From This List

Hey, why not recycle?? I made a long list of great snack ideas that are good for families on the go.  You’ll definitely want to check that out, too.  Because we can eat to go foods on the couch. 

Which snack idea are you gonna try first?

Just a warning…your family will be begging for some of these day after day.

What snack does your family beg for?

10 Super Easy Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Beg For
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10 Super Easy Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Beg For
Easy snack ideas for ideas they'll beg for day after day. Finally, a different snack for the kids that doesn't take all day to make!
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