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Is the weather beginning to cool in your area?  Fall is a great time for pumpkin and apple flavored everything into your meal plan.  So you can bet I’ve added it to mine!

Meal planning always saves me both time and money.  I enjoy meal planning for 2 weeks at a time, because that means I don’t have to sit down and make my plan every single week.

The 2 Week Meal Plan

2 Week Meal Plan for Late September. Here's a 2 week meal plan that includes all 3 meals, snacks, and desserts. It has links to recipes and everything you need for a complete, simple meal plan.

I always try to keep things simple.  We have certain foods that we eat regularly.  It’s boring, but we’re happy with it.



We pack lunches pretty much every day.  (Read how we’ve taught our kids to pack their own lunch.)  Besides a main course from this list, we also pack a fruit or veggie, yogurt or cheese, and one junk food (chips, cookies, pudding, etc.).

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I supplement these main dishes with a side of potatoes, rice, or pasta.  We nearly always have fresh cut veggies and sweet tea with our suppers.  We’ll be taking a camping trip, so we’re looking forward to some yummy camping foods!

 Snacks & Desserts

I like using a plan of mostly tried and true recipes with a few new Pinterest finds added in for fun.  Our family loves their favorites!  And I love how easy it is to keep these frugal meals on hand.

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Do you change your eating habits in the fall?