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I took a little break from this series last Friday since we were busy enjoying our Thanksgiving break.  But let’s get back to it this week!  I love this series, because it stretches me a bit and it reminds me that we are making baby steps towards our goals of paying off debt.

So here are the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week!  (And if you missed any previous weeks, you can catch them here.)

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week (1)

Snow Boots.  A couple of years ago my kids were all without snow boots, and my brother asked why I didn’t just pass the sets of boots down to the next kid.  I laughed!  What boots?  The kids destroy them every year and with giant holes in the boots, they don’t offer protection from the cold and snow anymore.  It was becoming a seriously expensive habit to keep 5 kids in snow boots.

That’s when I decided to do some research.  I knew that you get what you pay for, and I was often purchasing cheaper boots (of course…I had to buy 5 pairs!).  It was time to find brands that I could wiggle enough to afford but would last through more than one kid.

I learned that a couple of good brands are Sorel, Kamik, and Columbia.  After searching the web for a while, I realized that my best bet would be to find gently used pairs on eBay and purchase them there.  I found that if I was patient, I could get practically new boots shipped to my home for $25 or less.  It was a little annoying to know that I’d been spending $20 on throw away boots for years, and if I’d been more careful I could have had an investment for just a few dollars more!  Oh well, lesson learned.

My kids love these quality boots.  They keep their toes warmer longer (more outside play time!!) and we have been able to pass them down to the next kid!  Great deal.

Sometimes you have to spend more money to save more in the long run.

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Skipping Deals. Not a typo, I really am skipping deals.  I find myself buying items for gifts because they are such a great deal.  I figure I can fit them into my overall plan later.  What usually happens is that I end up giving people more than I intended to because I couldn’t pass up the deal!

If you’re thinking “That’s what the stores want you to do!” you are absolutely right!  I’m not doing that this year.  If it’s not part of my purchase plan right now, I will wait for another deal that fits my scheme better.  Something will come along!  There are always ways to save money, and it isn’t the hurry that the stores want you to think it is.

LED Lights  Put this one in the “fun money” category.  My hubby loves to decorate the house (think “Christmas Vacation”) with twinkling lights.  A year or two ago he decided to start using LED lights.  So each year we grab another roll or two of lights to add to his collection.  By adding on gradually, we aren’t breaking the bank and he can enjoy one of his favorite parts of the season.  As a bonus, the LEDs don’t use nearly as much electricity as traditional lights, so we recoup some of the money we would have spent in years past that way.

Sick Kids  I went into the kitchen and was amazed at how well our groceries were holding out for the two week period.  We were mostly through the second week and still had yogurt!  Then I realized that everyone here had been too sick to eat for a week.  Saved us some money!  I don’t recommend you try this one.  I’m trying to prevent a repeat of this by pumping everyone full of vitamin D!

Slow Prime Shipping  If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can use this tip, too.  I like to shop early and choose the slower shipping option (as long as the date will still get it here in plenty of time!).  Each time I do this, Amazon gives me credit towards book purchases or their pantry.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, now is a great time to get a free two week trial period for free two day shipping on most items.  Then you can always cancel it if you aren’t likely to use it enough to justify the cost for the rest of the year.

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