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I’ve been busy working to bring you my best tips on Ways to Find Money for Christmas Presents (and you’ll definitely want to check out that series for some unusual tips!), but I didn’t want to forget about the ever popular 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week series, either.

So here are our 5 ways for this week.

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week 7

DIY Frozen Veggies

We aren’t celery eaters here (although one of the kids did request ants on a log when he saw the celery on the counter, so I guess 1/7th of us like it).  However, it really does pack a nice punch in soups and broths, so I like to have it around.  The best way to do that is to dice it and freeze it in a bag so I have what I need on hand and it doesn’t go bad before I’ll use it.

Use the scraps

While I was chopping celery, I was also peeling and chopping carrots for supper.  Then I noticed how big the mulch pile was getting with all of the ends and peels.  So I decided to boil that “trash” up in some water while I prepared the rest of supper.  Now the next time a recipe calls for broth or stock, I’ll just use that instead.  Free ingredients!  And I still tossed the boiled up ends in the mulch pile when I was finished.  (I guess I should start using the fancy “compost” word instead, but we like to say mulch pile around here.)


[Tweet “Disorganization is the most expensive habit a person can have.”]

I think disorganization is the most expensive habit a person can have!  I have bought so many things only to later have the item I needed turn up in a strange place.  Happily, I was able to find some glow sticks I bought on clearance last year while I was decluttering…and I found them before Halloween!  So now I won’t have to buy any this year.  And I can look for some more clearanced ones for next Halloween.

Kick the Gym

Well, we actually gave up our gym membership over a year ago, but whenever I go for a nice walk on our dead end road it makes me wonder why we need a gym.  I have plenty of work out DVDs and weights.  And burpees are a great way to get in shape…and those are totally free!  (I’m not claiming that I’m in shape, but I’ve heard that if you are consistent they will work…if youknowwhatimean.)

Wash the Washer

I used to buy that pricey bottle of HE washing machine cleaner.  Then I tried this trick from Pinterest and found that it works way better for cheaper.

In fact, I have found a lot of great money saving tips on Pinterest, so be sure you follow me so you can see those pins, too!

So what about you?  How have you done with saving money this week?