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It’s been another big week on the blog.  I launched the Identify and Destroy Your Budget Busters challenge.  If you’d like access to this totally free challenge and Facebook support group, you can learn more here.

Our family is really enjoying a lazy summer so far.  The kids have played at home and had buddies over for entertainment.  I’m loving the laid back schedule!

Let’s celebrate another Frugal Friday with a 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week, shall we?

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week: Another week of money saving tips that are helping this family pay off debt. Their #yearofno is changing the way they spend money and making a debt free life a closer reality every day.

Avoided buying myself treats at a kid party.  It’s well established that food is one of my weaknesses.  It’s certainly a budget buster when I choose to buy treats that I didn’t really need.

Often, one or more of the kids will be invited to a party.  The kids are served food, but sometimes there isn’t anything available for the adults.  Which is fine.  I’ve usually eaten before I go to a party anyway.

But there’s always that temptation to buy myself a little snack or drink, simply because it’s there and I see the kids eating.  Which is kind of silly.  Not great for the budget or the waistline.  I’m learning to say no to these temptations (but I still want a gold star for saying no!).

Spread it out.  I admit, it’s far easier to just buy all of the kids shoes at one time.  It means one long trip to the store, but at least it’s over with.

Unfortunately, my checking account disagrees with that notion.  Buying shoes for 5 kids at one time isn’t cheap.  I’m learning to just get a couple of pairs of shoes per paycheck.  That doesn’t leave us short at the end of the pay period.  It takes more time to shop this way, but it’s better than falling into credit card use.  (Shudder!)

Hung a curtain.  We live in a farmhouse style home, which means that the upstairs bedrooms have angled ceilings and no doors.  It also means that climate control becomes a problem upstairs well before it’s a problem downstairs.

We’ve been using the air conditioner without a curtain hanging in the doorway.  You can already guess that this becomes expensive in a hurry.  All of that cold air is rushing down the stairs and going to waste.

I picked up a cheap tension rod and curtain at a discount store.  Why did I choose to go the cheap route instead of investing in something likely to last longer?  Because my boys are very rough on curtains.  They hang on them, they pull them, they sit on them.  Not intentionally, but because they are rough and tumble.  They aren’t likely to take care of a nicer curtain and rod set, and I’m not willing to spend more money on it than I have to.

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Discounted Blogging Course.  I’ve been seriously considering joining the Elite Blogging Academy for months.  I’ve carefully weighed whether it would be worth the price to join.  After a long time, I determined that it seems to be worth the cost.  (You never really know for sure until you try something like this yourself.)

I liken it to paying for college courses for your major so you can get a better job.

When I found a discount deal to get the first 5 modules, I decided to go for it.  This saved me a lot of money and will get me a great head start until I save up enough money to buy the rest of the course!  (Unfortunately, the time limit for this deal has since expired.)

Saving school supplies.  On the last day of school, my kids always come home with a backpack stuffed to the brim with school supplies.  I’ll open it and toss most of the papers they brought home.  But in the midst of the junk, I usually find several supplies that are perfectly good to use for next year.  There are obvious things like scissors and highlighters that are perfectly fine for another year.

There are obvious things like scissors and highlighters that are perfectly fine for another year.  But I also look through notebooks to see if they can be saved.  Many times I can just rip out the few pages they used and save a notepad that is still 80% full.

So long as I remember where I put it come August, we’ll come out ahead!

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That’s 5 ways closer to being out of debt!

Earlier this week I did a check in on our yearly goals, including our debt payoff plan.  You can find it here.

A check in on our SMART goals for June.

Be sure to leave a note about any ways you saved money this week!  And don’t forget to sign up for Identify and Destroy Your Budget Busters.