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Some days it feels like I have to constantly chant our motto: #yearofno, #yearofno, #yearofno.  Other days it’s a relief to use #yearofno as an excuse to not make a decision.  (The answer is no, obviously.)

It’s September, which means we’ve been at this for over 8 long months.  The finish line is still in the distance, so it’s going to take a lot of motivation to keep going!

With my mantra at hand, I was able to find several ways to save money this week.  And as usual on Fridays, I’m going to share 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week.  If you’d like to read back episodes, you can find them here.

5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week 49: Find new ways to save money week after week in this series. This family is paying off debt by smart spending and saving.

Passed up a clearance rug.  We have hardwood floors, but I bought a rug for the living room.  That’s easier on little knees learning to crawl and kids’ bottoms when we’re watching a show on TV.

That rug has seen better days.  So when I found a giant sale at my local Kroger, I was seriously tempted to grab a cute rug that was on sale for just $15!  Luckily, I called the Hubby to talk it through and he talked me down. #yearofno.

Bought a clearance lunch box.  At that same sale I found a nice lunchbox for just $3.  I had already been wanting one for our daughter for weeks.  Her lunchbox is too small for salads, and I like the idea of getting one that will hold up for several years.  So I jumped at the chance to buy quality at a bargain.


Got bread from the $1 store.  There is a Dollar Tree in our area, but it’s not exactly convenient to me.  So when a new store opened in a much closer location, I decided to check it out.

I’d heard rumors that these stores carry Nature’s Own bread for just $1.  I was excited to find out that it was true!  I bought loaves of wheat bread for just $1.  I can’t even find store bread for that price anymore.

Travel.  Hubby doesn’t travel for work nearly as much as he used to.  But there is still the occasional trip.  Over time he’s learned some tricks of the trade so that we don’t have to foot any of the bill ourselves.  For instance, he always takes the per diem offered rather than tracking receipts.

That means that we don’t have to worry about lost receipts or problems with paperwork.  One company offered him $75 per day as a food allowance.  That gave him more than enough to cover three meals.

Storytime.  I try to attend the free storytime at our local library whenever I can.  Last year our little guy was still too squirmy to enjoy it.  There’s no sense in trying to force a newly 2-year-old to sit still for stories, so I gave it up.

This year, our big boy loves reading!  So I knew he’d enjoy it.

Aside from some free entertainment, additional frugal benefits to storytime is that he gets to do a free craft (Mama isn’t a fan of crafts, so I love having someone else lead them!).  Also, I have fewer overdue fines because we go weekly.  Another score for this disorganized Mom!

Those are the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week.

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Be sure to share your frugal wins this week!