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When baseball season begins, we are a busy family!  Four of our children play ball.  My husband is not only the coach for one of those teams, but he likes to help with another.  And he’s the representative for all of the baseball teams in our town.  Which is added work.

I’m not complaining.  We adore baseball, and we wouldn’t devote so much time to it if it wasn’t a lot of fun and a super learning experience for our children.  But it does make things like grocery shopping a bigger chore than usual.

I gave up taking kids to the grocery store when my daughter (18 months old at the time) started opening every package and actually ate a stick of butter.  Yep.  Aside from the gross out factor, I was a little worried about her health.  But I guess it’s kind of like me serving a Paula Deen recipe at home…

At any rate, I prefer to take an evening every 2 weeks or so and make my trip.  This week I decided that it was too much to add to our schedule, so I treated myself to a Clicklist order.  You can read my review of Kroger Clicklist (other grocery store car delivery services are probably similar).  My opinion is that not picking up impulse buys with my order equals the savings I might have found in hidden in store deals.  So it evens out.

Have you used a grocery pick up service like this?  What do you think of it?

Now let’s have a little talk about money savers!

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

Ways to save money as a family


My little 3 year old guy is home alone since all of his siblings now attend school.  He gets so bored!  So I’ve made it a point to try to hit a new park every week.  This gives us a little free excitement.  It’s fun to explore parks that I never even knew existed in my county!  We even found one with a giant train play set.  So fun!


If you have or had a middle school boy, you know all about growth spurts.  I’m afraid to buy this kid any clothes, because he’ll likely outgrow them in a week.

But he was desperate for new shoes.  This kid is actually really good with shoes.  His often last an entire school year.  I’m not sure why some kids are so darned hard on shoes while others take care of them.  (Genetics?)  Whatever the case, his feet had grown and he couldn’t get away with size 7s any more.

As we walked into my favorite shoe store (Gabes), I told him we were looking for something cheap but comfortable.  He’s pretty sensible, so he agreed that he’d probably outgrow them quickly anyway.

We were in luck!  We found a nice pair of Nikes in size 9 (gasp!) for just $29.  If he outgrows them, they’ll be waiting in the closet for our next boy when he starts growing like Alice in Wonderland.

More Shoes

Some of our kids are extremely hard on shoes, and I know where they get it from!  My husband needs a new pair pretty often.  He used to have expensive taste in shoes, but he traded that in for a baby or two a while ago.  He prefers to look for fantastic deals on last year’s model on Amazon.  They always fit him right, and it’s a much more convenient way to shop than to find time for him to actually go to a store.


We didn’t find an awesome deal on car tires.  Our property is covered with old tires.  Every time we start to dig or take a walk through our property, we find another stack of mostly buried tires.  It’s frustrating!

Our small town had a junk day, so we took a load of tires there to get rid of them for a very small fee.  Keep an eye out for junk days in your area!  It’s a great way to get rid of those things that your garbage man won’t haul away.

Profitable Blogging Summit

Bloggers, I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you about this last week.  But I didn’t realize what a value I’d come across!  The Profitable Blogging Summit is a collection of lessons from bloggers.  If you watch everything live, it’s totally free.  But if you pay for lifetime access, you get a ton of bonuses.

I can’t believe how much I learned from this summit.  If you have the money to invest, I definitely think buying the lifetime access is worth it.  (And no, that’s not an affiliate link!)  If not, sign up to get notified when it goes live again next year!  Do not miss this training!

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

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How did you save last week?