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In case you aren’t familiar with our story, our family is wading through month number 20 of paying off a big chunk of debt.  We’ve stuck with the plan through thick and thin.

In late July our ratty old paid off van quit on us.  And now my computer died.  It wasn’t even that old!  We have no idea what happened to it (though I suspect the kids…ahem.)

I’m kind of glad all of this is happening now rather than a year ago.  I might have been more tempted to give up then.  Now it just makes me double down on my resolve to be out of debt so we can have a deeper savings account for problems like this!

Anyway! Each Friday I reflect on our week.  Then I write about some of the ways we saved money.  Since this is week number 92, you can read back through all the archives for tons of money saving tips!

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

Ways you can save money in your home. This blogger shares more money savers every Friday, so check them all out!


Ugh, paying to fix a computer that isn’t even that old is frustrating.  Lucky for me, I have a brother who works on computers all day long.  He was probably thrilled for me to ask him to do it when he was off work, too.  😉

Not only did he work on the computer, but he also loaned me a laptop so I could keep things rolling on the blog.  He’s my favorite brother!  (This week.  Do you all think my other brothers read this blog?  Guess we’ll find out!)

Free Class

My Hubby has an unquenchable thirst for learning.  It’s a great quality to have, but boy does it get pricey.  I’m happy that he’s content to take classes and get certifications that his job will pay for.

He got to take a class at a different college, work paid for it, and we’re all happy about the outcome.

Coney Day

Speaking of perks from the job, Hubby’s employer always offers a free day for us to enjoy a local amusement park.  The kids get a big kick out of riding the rides, and I appreciate a day of family fun that we’d otherwise miss.  (Tickets get pricey when you have five kids!)

Clothes Shopping

It’s been a big week around here!  Hubby and I are high school sweethearts, and this weekend we got to spend time with former classmates at our reunion.

A reunion calls for decent clothes, so I decided to go shopping first.  I discovered that my shopping habits have changed.  I tried on several shirts (I always have trouble finding anything I like that’s actually flattering).  A couple of them fit well, but they just weren’t pretty.  I considered grabbing them anyway because I liked the fit.  But then I realized that they’d probably end up at the bottom of my closet.  They’d be in a donation bag in a few months.

Why bother?  If you don’t absolutely love something, save your money.

birthday cake

Birthday Rewards

Birthdays are fun, and I got to celebrate yet another 21st birthday this past week.  (wink, wink)  I love to sign up for birthday freebies.  Don’t you?

Some of my favorites include Driscolls (they sent a coupon for 50 cents off berries), Swagbucks (I got 55 bucks towards a gift card reward), IHOP (you get a free Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity pancake).  And this one is only good if you live near Cincinnati, but it’s the BEST so I couldn’t resist…Graeters Sweet Rewards participants get a free sundae (including the 1870 Tower!).

Yummy birthday to me!

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

Now I’m giving the side eye to all the other things we use regularly.  Nothing else needs to quit on me right now!

Here’s a simple checklist you can go through to save the most money this fall!

Your Simple Checklist for Saving the Most Money This Fall


How did you save this week?