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There’s nothing like a little late night (well, late for a second grader) time spent looking up a rhyme for the word “aren’t”.  Helpful hint: there are no words that rhyme with aren’t.  Luckily, I have a feeling the teacher will be pretty lenient about this.

The further I get in life, the more I realize that you don’t have to be perfect all the time.  In fact, more often than not it sets you up for failure.

So sometimes, you fudge it just a little.  Maybe you run out of money earlier in the pay period than you should have and you have to get extra creative about your spending until the next pay day.  It happens.

Or maybe you have to rhyme “aren’t” with “weren’t”.

ANYWAY… it wasn’t the greatest money saving week ever.  But we still managed to save a little money.  And that’s why I like Fridays.  It’s the perfect time to focus on what went right.  Because that positive attitude will carry us a lot further in our debt pay off journey!

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The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

 Money saving tips and tricks for families trying to get out of debt.

Shared Birthday Party

My parents now have 18 grandchildren, which means that we could have constant birthday parties if we wanted to.  As much fun as that sounds, we’re all pretty busy.

So when our “baby” turned 4 this week, we decided to do a shared birthday party with his cousin who turned 5 just a couple of weeks ago.  Neither of them minded at all (in fact, they thought it was fun!).  So we shared the costs of the party and had fun once this month instead of fitting in two days of fun.

Homemade Cupcakes

To continue the birthday fun, our little guy wanted to take in treats for his preschool class on his birthday.  I really entertained the thought of just buying something to take in.  But in the end, I knuckled down and used what we had on hand.

Luckily we had a box of cake mix.  I turned that into cupcakes.  He wanted blue icing (sorry, teacher!!), which I made from scratch.  It was 10:00 at night before I finished (not because cupcakes are that labor intensive, but because it was one of those looooong days!).  But at least I didn’t have to add running to the store and spending money we didn’t have to my list!

I’m glad I hung in there and decided to #presson with our plan to not spend extra money while we get out of debt.

My sister-in-law decided to let the kids play a board game using themselves as game pieces! So fun!

Free Date Night

So I’m about to reveal that our family is a bunch of nerds.

(Have I revealed that before?)

Anyway, Hubby and I have always been fascinated by politics.  We often have long conversations about political ideas at the federal, local, and state levels.

So when our local candidates had a town hall session, we decided to attend.  We found a free sitter and managed to take part (we even got to ask a few questions!).  It wasn’t what most people would consider a date night, but I’m counting it.  We both found it much more interesting than watching a movie.


Thankfully we are spending less, which made a fraudulent charge on my card pop right out.  Someone managed to charge my card $43.77 from a Redbox several states away.

If you’ve used a card in the past few years, chances are very good that your information has been compromised.  It’s more important than ever to pay close attention to your statements and watch for fraudulent charges.  I would have felt awful to learn that I’d been financing some scum bag for months without knowing it.  This world is crazy, and we all need to be careful and watch out for ourselves.

Said No (A Lot)

Here comes our family theme back again.  We started our #yearofno in January of 2016 when we decided to get serious about paying off debt.  And since then, we’ve said no to many things.

This week we said no to hanging out with friends at a bar, buying extras from the store, stopping for a quick drink at the gas station, and so much more.

It’s boring, but it has hands down saved us more money than everything else combined.  Our non flashy #yearofno has literally changed our lives.  We can’t wait to be debt free!

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

We also had to find a rhyme for “isn’t”.  If you have better suggestions than what I gave to her, let me know!  (Visit??)

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How did you save this week?