500 Ways to Save Money

Build a Cash Jackpot for the Best Things In Life

I see you.

No, you aren’t trying to “keep up with the Joneses”.  You don’t have a “latte habit”.  And yeah, yeah, you know all about brown bagging your lunch.


Those ends just won’t meet.

Maybe it’s unexpected bills that pile on you just when you start to get ahead.  Or a boss that cuts your overtime when you need it the most.

But now you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck.  Or worse, deep in credit card debt.

You deserve better.

Our family struggled with debt and spending, too.  But we finally realized that debt had us in a holding pattern that would never let us realize our dreams.  That inspired us to make big changes, and we’ve never looked back.

Now we’ve paid off over $20,000 worth of debt using the money saving tips I’m sharing with you in this book.  If our family of 7 can do this, anyone can!

500 Money Saving Tips: Build A Cash Jackpot for the Best Things in Life

If you’re looking for money saving ideas you haven’t already tried, this book is for you.

There are tips that apply to every part of your life…from food to housing to birthdays and special occasions.

Soon you’ll find your regular spending shrinking. 

And that will leave you with the money you’ve been looking for to help you reach your biggest goals!

Money saving tips for moms, college students, families, couples, singles, teens, and adults that will help you get out of debt, learn to be frugal, help you buy a house, and reach any goal you want. These changes helped one family pay off over $20,000 in debt! You can do it, too! #money



This book shows great ways for everyone to save that extra buck here and there, not just  the hardcore minimalist.  Pick and choose the ones for you and your family and watch the savings add up.                                           ~Jacob



I printed it, put it into a binder, and have been highlighting things I want to put into place in our household. I also marked what we are already doing almost like a checklist. Helps me realize how hard we’re trying even if we’re only making baby steps at this point.                    ~Belinda



So many easy money saving tips I hadn’t thought of!       ~Angie








Are you ready to change the way you spend and save money?

Get the book now for just $4.99!