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When my 12 year old came home from school today and learned that this was the day he’s been waiting on for 45 long days, the grin on his face melted my Mama heart.  It has been a long month and a half for our barnyard.  Acrobat and Meepers, our Boer goat girls, have been away visiting our breeder’s farm.

The barn sure has been quiet without their bleating and crazy antics!

What’s more is that now we get to look forward to babies on the farm!  Coming on the coldest night this winter (just a wild guess)…

My apologies for the picture quality, but it is just getting dark too darned early now!


This boy is excited about the babies they are carrying, because one of them will be his first ever 4-H project!  It will be nice to have another goat herdsman in the family.

Update:  You can see the adorable babies in this post!


I’m sure that Acrobat is saying, “Oh, hey.  There you are.  Where have you been?”

(Acrobat survived a bad attack of some sort on Good Friday.  We still aren’t positive about what happened to her, but we are glad she healed well!  Her ear looks bad, but it totally gets her popularity points with the other goats.  I assume.)


Meepers mocking us for not being as “hip” and “with it” as she is.

If you’d like to read a slightly more humorous story about life with goats, be sure to check this one out.

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I’ll be sure to pass along all of your kind comments to Acrobat and Meepers.  🙂

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