That savings account.

Yeah, you know you need to be a better saver.  But how?

You’re trying to cut corners all over.

To give your family that better life they’ve always dreamed of.

You’re just tired of living hand to mouth.


It’s time to finally get serious about saving money.

You know you can do it, if you just get a little direction!

I believe that you can build your savings,

even when life is frustrating.

I’ve been following your journey for over a year and I wanted to say CONGRATS!!! You were so honest and real it took a lot of courage to be so truthful. I am excited to see what’s next… 

CT Mom

This came at a great time for me too! Partly for money but also just because I’m feeling like life is so hard and I feel like I’m failing at everything. but I can take one more step, that I can do! ? Thank you!


Just want you to know that I am on my 5th debt sheet for the year and it is only the 4th month. So I am paying off debt like wildfire.


Imagine your head hitting the pillow, and you drift off to sleep.  (Without worries about how you’ll pay that bill or if the tires on the car can hold out another month.)

Imagine the Christmas season filled with the simple gift of love and giving freely, no credit cards needed.

Imagine taking the kids on a trip and making memories without the guilt that so often comes with spending money.


When you become a member of the Medium Sized Family community, you’ll learn how to pay off debt and become a confident saver…

even when it feels impossible.

Hi, I’m Jamie! In January 2016, my Hubby and I came to the awful realization that our credit card debt was stopping us from accomplishing every important goal in our life.

We’d been living hand to mouth for a while, despite having a decent income (that never seemed like enough).

While I could show you our official “monthly budget”, I couldn’t tell you where the money was actually going.

Once we decided that getting rid of debt and building up savings was our top priority, we were finally ready for change.  So we came up with some new rules for our family to live by. 

Over time, the small daily habits we established added up to paying off tens of thousands in debt.

Our family of 8 now enjoys taking guilt free trips.  We’re building a stronger savings account.

And this year, we even had a fully funded Christmas account to use!  No more credit cards for us.

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