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Welcome to Medium Sized Family.  I’m so glad to have you as a reader!  

My name is Jamie and my medium sized family consists of myself, my loving hubby, Dan, and our five children; a boy (14), boy (13), boy (11), girl (8), and boy (4).  That’s right, four boys and just one girl.

Oh, and we’re expecting another baby in February!  People say I should consider renaming the blog since we are clearly a large family now.  😉

We’re busy!

And you’re probably just as busy as we are.  How often do we have to chase urgent things all day long?  It feels like we’re always playing catch up on bills and repairs…and that there’s no hope to get ahead.

Life without debt?  No more holding your breath for the next paycheck?  It’s not just a dream.

Our family was able to dig out of a TON of credit card debt using our #yearofno!  You’ll find lots of encouragement to get out of debt and build up savings here.  Learn what’s working for us…and what isn’t!

About Me

I’m a Mom who struggled with debt for years.  I’d put together a budget and then proceed to ignore it.  I would run out of money and hope we could just tread water for a few days until the next paycheck.

Things were not working.

Learning to change our spending habits in a way that didn’t feel like sacrifice was the key to making over our budget.

I want to help you do the same.

It’s about #yearofno.  Spending less.  Saving more.  Bringing in extra income.  Simplifying.  And doing it all as a family.

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Why Are We a Medium Sized Family?

Because with 5 (and a half…) kids, we clearly aren’t a small family.  But we also aren’t big enough for our own reality show.  We’re medium sized!  If your family is medium sized (or maybe you consider yourself a large family!), here’s a big high five to someone who knows all about it.  If you aren’t medium sized, stick around.  There’s tons of info here for any sized family.

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I am always working to bring you the best frugal tips so you can afford a beautiful life with your family.  Thanks so much for reading!