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Life is funny.  We spend the first several months of a baby’s life begging them to learn how to walk.  But no sooner than they learn to walk, we start to wonder what we were thinking?!

It can take new parents some time to learn how to baby proof the house.  I remember our first mobile baby experience.  We had bought a safety kit and had covered the outlets and installed cabinet door locks, so we assumed we had done pretty well.

Little did we know…that was just a start!  Objects that I’d never considered from a baby’s perspective took on a whole new identity.  It was a challenging game to follow our baby through the house as he taught me what needed to be moved or adjusted to be more child-friendly.

Your baby is on the what? Once your baby starts moving, you'll need to make some changes. Here are tips for baby proofing the house, saving money, and more.

Baby proofing tips for when your baby is on the move.

Here are the best tips I’ve learned and collected from other veteran Moms over time.

Doors are your friend.  Any room that has a door is great.  You’ll quickly learn which doors must stay closed at all times to keep the baby safe.  (The bathroom springs to mind.)  Any areas that you don’t have doors to close can usually be shut off with a great safety gate.  Be sure to get one with good ratings so you don’t waste money on one that isn’t going to work properly.

If you have a baby that learns how to open doors, you’ll want to invest in some door covers so they don’t play the escape artist.

Huggies Little Movers in motion


Sweep the floor.  I’m not just talking about using the vacuum cleaner regularly.  When you set a mobile baby down, you’ll want to look around for tiny objects that baby wants to explore with tiny fingers and their mouth.

Table tops.  Tables can be challenging for several reasons.  Sharp corners are targets for banged heads.  Tables at just the right height are fun to climb on.  And those beautiful souvenirs or innocent cups of water sitting on a table are just begging to be thrown to the floor.


Safe place.  It’s important to have a safe place to put your mobile baby for those times when you have to make a phone call, empty the dishwasher, or (if you can find the time) actually use the bathroom.  If you have a room that is beautifully child proofed, that may work well.  Otherwise, a playpen is perfect.

Cords.  You’ll want to make sure that cords of all types are out of reach of baby.  We’re talking blinds, electronics, appliances, etc.  Babies love to pull on them, chew on them, experiment with them, and it is just too easy for them to get hurt.  If you can’t totally remove it from their height, be sure to wind it up and secure it so that the baby can’t get tangled up in it.

The most important change to make when you have a little mover

For me, the hardest adjustment I had to make when my first baby started moving was with myself.  I had to learn to let go of the fact that rooms weren’t going to stay clean.  My organized Tupperware drawer wasn’t going to stay organized.  I couldn’t decorate the lower half of my Christmas tree unless I wanted the ornaments broken.

It can be hard to let go of your control.  IMG_4981

Having a baby means an entire lifestyle change.  It’s ok to miss the simple days when messes were easy to clean up and keep clean.

But be sure to look at everything your tiny one has learned to do all on his own.  Be proud of their hard work, and yours, too!  And look forward to all of the activities you have ahead of you.

Saving Money

Now, I promised you a chance to win $500 at Sam’s Club.  But first, let’s talk about how to save on diapers.

Huggies Little Movers diapers at Sam's Club

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  Yes, I’m a frugal blogger.  I have 5 children.  You might think that I buy generic diapers.  But you’d be wrong, and I’ll tell you why.

I used to buy generic diapers for my other babies.  But what I learned is that they don’t hold up well.  I wind up changing diapers much more often, because they don’t move along with my very active babies.  Even if the diaper doesn’t get soiled, it gets ripped up and becomes useless.

I love Huggies® Little Movers, because they move with my baby.  They hold up to all of his activity (and that’s saying something!).  They’re super absorbent with a special SnugFit waistband.  That’s great because there’s no way he’s going to stop playing so I can change his clothes (again).


I picked up a big box of Little Movers at Sam’s Club.  I don’t enjoy running to the store in a hurry because we ran out of diapers, again.  The fewer trips to the store, the better.

Sam’s Club makes it really easy.  They’ve got several Mom friendly shopping choices, including Club Pickup, a subscription service, and free shipping on diapers and wipes!  Learn more about that here.


That’s how you manage a baby on the move!

These tips will help you handle a mobile baby, keep yourself sane, and save you some money.  It’s a win all around!

What’s your best advice to a Mom who’s baby is newly mobile?