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The longer I blog, the more important it is to pay attention to the things that are working.  With that in mind, I wanted to know which of my posts were the most read in 2016.  After all, I need to write about the things that interest you the most!

In case you’re a little curious, too, here are some of the most read posts at Medium Sized Family of the year.

The Best of Medium Sized Family 2016

What to Do With Pennies

Wondering What to Do With Pennies- Here’s Why They’re Powerful remains one of my most popular posts, and it was a fun one to write.  I’ve got stories and tips about pennies that will make you rethink leaving them on the ground.

Wondering What to Do With Pennies- Here's Why They're Powerful


Stay Motivated

It’s tough to keep at it when the journey towards debt freedom feels endless.  That’s why I pulled together a list of 14 Ways to Stay Motivated When Paying Off Debt.

How to get out of debt: 14 ways to stay motivated

How to Get Out of Debt By Breaking Up Your Paycheck

One trick we’ve used to help us find success in paying down debt is breaking up our paycheck.  This post details how we do it and why it works.

How to Get Out of Debt Break Up Your Paycheck


7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money

The 7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money series remains popular.  If you start planning Christmas 2017 now, your Christmas account should be as big as Santa’s belly by next December!  Or use these tips to fund a vacation or a fun project.

No Money for Christmas? 7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money

5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week Series

The weekly series, 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week, has already passed the 61 week mark, and it just keeps chugging along!  Each post has been pretty popular, so the series as a whole has to make this list.  Read through all of them to get a load of money saving tips.

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week

Cheap Halloween Decorations

This post was a lot of fun to pull together.  It gave me some awesome frugal ways to decorate our home for Halloween.  Hang on to 13 Cheap Halloween Decorations Easier Than Screaming in a Haunted House for next season.  (Or use them now if you’re into that kind of thing!)

Laundry Hacks

Who hates laundry?  Add me to that list!  That’s why I pulled together these Awesome Laundry Hacks for People Who Hate Laundry.  Apparently, a lot of people are not fans!

Awesome Laundry Hacks: Tips and tricks for making laundry easier 1

No Pantry Challenge

Many frugal bloggers enjoy a good pantry challenge, but not me.  My pantry challenge days are over.  You can learn why from Why This Frugal Blogger Doesn’t Do Pantry Challenges.

Find out why this frugal blogger has stopped doing pantry challenges. And the different way she saves money instead.

Thanksgiving Pot Luck

I actually pulled together this list of recipes last year, but it continues to be popular.  And why not?  These recipes are so delicious, you can enjoy them all winter long.  Check out 10 Amazing Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Pot Luck.

10 Amazing Side Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Save Money on Groceries

It’s taken years, but I’ve fine tuned my grocery shopping and brought my budget down significantly.  You’ll find my best tips for saving in this post, Grocery Shopping on a Budget; How to Save Money on Groceries.

Grocery shopping on a budget

Looking forward to more in 2017!

Find more content like this in 2017.  I’m always open to more suggestions, so leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like to see covered next year!