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The Best Cheap Gift Ideas For Mom On A Budget

She will love any of these cheap gift ideas for Mom on a budget. (Ideas gathered by a Mom of 6!)

I’ll go ahead and speak for your Mom when I say it is so sweet of you to think of her with a great gift idea!

Honestly, she’d be thrilled to just be allowed to take an uninterrupted nap.

But if you want to hand her something she’ll actually love this time (even though you don’t have much money to spend), fear not!

I’ve compiled a list of the best gifts on a budget for Mom that she’s sure to love.


10 Memorable Ways To Love Your Stay At Home Valentine’s Day

We’ve celebrated more holidays at home in the past year than ever before.

But if I’m totally honest, Valentine’s Day is a holiday we often spend at home.

Who wants to fight the crowds? Especially when we already don’t get enough date nights!

So for years, we’ve found some special ways to enjoy our Valentine’s Day together, at home.

Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate.


How To Get Kids Off Screens: The Goal For 2021

This is the year to learn how to get kids off screens…and enrich their lives.

You can say a lot of things about 2020.

Most of us gained some weight.

We saved money on gas and clothes, I would imagine.

Aaaand our kids had more screen time than ever before.

I get it. That’s how kids communicate these days.

And staring at the walls of your house day in and day out gets boring even for us parents.

But as much as we’d like to believe that those calories didn’t count during quarantine, my cholesterol levels say differently.

And as much as we’d like to believe that kids can cope with tons of screen time, their behavior shows what’s really going on in those rapidly growing brains of theirs.

And it’s not good.


What To Get A Teenager For Christmas This Year (That’s Not A Gift Card)

What To Get A Teenager For Christmas This Year (That’s Not A Gift Card)

Figuring out what to get a teenager for Christmas can be a real head scratcher. But this list of tried and true ideas from a mom of 4 teens makes it easy.

It’s hard to believe it, but that little boy you used to snuggle with has grown into a tall teenager!

Where does the time go?

Of course you want to get him the perfect gift. Something that shows how much you love him.

But how can you manage that?

He hardly wants anything at all.  And the few ideas you’ve managed to wiggle out of him are well above your budget.

What do you get a teenager for Christmas?

It’s a tough task…but not an impossible one!

Let’s explore a few ideas that are just right for your beloved teen this year. 

(If you can’t tell, I have 3 teenage boys and a teen girl of my own. And these are the gifts my kids and their friends want the most.)


10 Super Easy Snacks To Make At Home In No Time Flat

These easy snacks to make at home will be instant hits…easy for mom, yummy for everyone!

The hardest thing about being a parent is having to think of things to feed them every single day.

(Ok, ok, if that’s the hardest thing for you then count yourself lucky!)

Still, it’s a pain to try to think of something for them to eat 3 times a day.

And then, there’s the constant snacking.


Finding easy snack ideas to make at home that take no time to put together is a must.

Luckily, this list is full of super easy snack ideas that our kids love.


16 Ingenius Cheap or Free Christmas Bucket List Activities

Whether it’s by choice or not, a stay at home Christmas can be so much fun (and so memorable!). Don’t miss these ingenius traditions this year.

This post was originally written for 2020, when many people were preparing for a stay at home Christmas.

That said, these ideas also work GREAT in a bad economy.

So even if you can’t afford to do all of your favorite Christmas time traditions this year, you can still TOTALLY do some very fun memory making things with the family.

All of these ideas are cheap or free, and most of them can be done from the comforts of your home.

Enjoy these great Christmas time traditions, without all of the expense.