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Looking for cool gift ideas for everyone on your list? This gift guide has ideas for all of them! Affordable options they’re sure to use and love!

Finding just the right gift for the people you love the most can be so hard!  You want something they’ll enjoy, that won’t become clutter within weeks (or days!), and affordability is a must.

That’s why I pulled together this list of cool gift ideas!  Everything here is something I will give to a loved one this year.

Reading through gift guides filled with $100 (sometimes $500!) ideas is always discouraging.  I don’t consider spending $100 on one gift to be affordable…and I bet you don’t either!

No, this list is more realistic.  But it’s also filled with interesting ideas, so they don’t already have 3 versions of the same thing!

Ready to go?  Let’s check out these awesome gift ideas!

I was able to work with several companies to try these fun products!

Cool Gift Ideas That You Can Afford (And They’re Gonna Love!)

Time for gift guide 2018! Find Christmas gifts for him, for her, and for the kids here. Frugal gift ideas they are sure to love (and will actually use!!).

The Mighty Mug

Before you think, “Everybody already has too many coffee mugs” hear me out!!  This mug is an amazing creation.  I can think of so many people it would be good for!

This Mighty Mug is unspillable!  

Mighty Mugs are a cool gift idea!

How many times has a wayward mug of coffee (or your favorite drink) ruined important paperwork or fried your computer?

(It’s happened to me…yikes.  That’s one expensive spill.)

I would give this mug to:

  • Moms of little ones
  • teachers of little ones
  • anyone who works at a computer
  • anyone who uses their hands a lot
  • that lovable clumsy person in your life 😉

Get this Mighty Mug for hot drink lovers.

And this Mighty Mug is perfect for a nice cold drink with a reusable straw!

Moonster Handmade Leather

I promised affordable, but handmade leather??  How could that fit the budget?

Enter Moonster Handmade Leather!  Their products are just beautiful.  They have an option that will appeal to everyone.  And you won’t believe how affordable their beautiful products are!

Check out this beautiful leather journal.  It’s perfect to use as a diary, a planner, or for that creative person you know.

And the men in your life will love the smell and feel of this leather toiletry bag!



Find the full line of Moonster Handmade Leather products here!

They’re happy to answer any questions about their products.  Find them on Facebook
@moonsterproducts or Instagram #moonsterproducts.

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

The moment I saw this product, I could imagine myself sitting down at my desk to work while enjoying a no effort foot massage.  How amazing would that be??

I bet you can think of at least one person with tired feet…this TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller is going to be their favorite thing!

It even comes with a reflexology chart!

GirlZone Hair Chalk

Colorful hair is very in right now.  Girls love to play with accessories, and this GirlZone Hair Chalk is sure to be a hit!

Moms will like it, too, because it’s simple to use and easily washed out.  That makes this gift a win/win!

Thames and Kosmos I Dig It Kits

What boy doesn’t love dinosaurs?  Add in the chance to get a little messy while you pretend to be a real paleontologist and this kit is an automatic hit!

There are so many options to choose from, but our son especially loved the Glow In the Dark Pterosaur!



Here’s a fun game to give those teenagers that are notoriously hard to buy for!  It’s Slammo!

This game is a fun way to get everyone up and moving.  It’s perfect for outdoors, but you could also enjoy this game inside a spacious basement or garage.  (Moms of cooped up kids will love that!)

Be sure to let them know where you found the Slammo game, because all of their friends will want their own set!

White Noise Machine

If someone in your home has trouble sleeping…well, then I bet you have trouble sleeping, too! (Ask me how I know…) Living without good sleep makes everything harder.

Imagine how amazing the gift of a good night’s sleep would be!  With this White Noise Machine, you can give them a better chance at sleeping well.

Every family I know has someone who struggles with sleep.  I’m really loving this gift idea this year!

Sleep Training Alarm Clock

When my oldest boys were young, I would tell them that on weekends, they couldn’t leave their bedrooms until 7:00.  (Mama needed some sleep, and they were old enough to occupy themselves for a bit!)

That led to some confusion while we discussed numbers and which order they would have to be in on their digital clock.

Boy, I wish we’d had this Sleep Training Alarm Clock!!  Not only is it adorable, it’s also easy for kids to understand!

The ball turns green when it’s ok to get out of bed.  You can also set a couple of alarms if you’d like your child to learn how to get up with an alarm!

Free Play Magnatab

Whenever I give a gift to kids, a little part of me wants it to be both fun and imaginative.  Toys that do the same thing over and over again get boring quickly.

That’s why the Magnatab is such a great gift!

There are no small parts to keep track of, but the toy will engage children ages 3+ for as long as their imagination can run!

Grab a smaller version of the Magnatab (perfect for on the go!).

Or get the bigger version for those extra creative types!


You know those kids who always want to see how things work?  We have one child who loves to build things himself.  And the Marbleocity toy is perfect for him!

This STEM minded gift is a building kit that kids can use for some hands on physics and engineering experiences.  The only thing you need to assemble everything is some glue! 

The best part is that once it’s assembled, the fun isn’t over.  They can use their creation to do experiments and play with the provided “marbles”!

Grab a Marbleocity kit here!


These cool gift ideas are must buys for your loved ones this year!

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Luckily, these ideas can be just perfect for the right person in your life!

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This holiday gift guide will help you find the perfect present for friends and family this Christmas! Unique products to buy on a budget with these awesome gift ideas.