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When you’ve got debt snowball fatigue, it seems like your fight will never end! But a few small changes can make all the difference in your motivation.

Probably the most frustrating thing about paying off debt is that there’s no magic wand to poof that will make it disappear in an instant.

Finding the nerve to just face your debt is hard enough.  Knowing how long it will take to finally be able to have your debt free scream makes it that much harder.

And after you’ve been paying on debt for a while, it’s just so easy to fall into debt snowball fatigue.

Anyone who has spent months or years working towards a debt free goal has been right there with you.

It’s tempting to wallow in self pity from time to time.

But you don’t want to wallow for long.

So what should you do when you feel overwhelmed by getting out of debt?

You use these tricks to find your strength and keep on going.

How to Overcome Debt Payoff Fatigue

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If you know you have a solid plan in place (you’re just sick and tired of it!!) then scroll down to find a list of motivational ideas to keep yourself on track.

Otherwise, let’s make sure you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot.

Are You On the Right Track?

First things first, make sure your goal is SMART.  If you haven’t defined a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound goal, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Without each of those components, how can you tell if you’ve made it or not?

And make sure there’s just the right amount of challenge in your goal.  Don’t defeat yourself before you start…but don’t sell yourself short, either.

A good challenge gives us a dose of healthy ambition.

Tricks to Get You There

It took us 27 months to dig out of a ton of credit card debt.  Here are a few tricks we used to help us win the fight against this debt:

Break Up Your Paycheck:  Learn how separating your paycheck can be a simple way to make a big difference!

Live By A Motto:  Our #yearofno was a mantra that helped us to stay the no spend course even when it got hard.

Be a Little Crazy!  Here are over 40 crazy things we did while digging out of debt!

Motivational Ideas to Kick Debt Snowball Fatigue to the Curb!

1. Write This Down

If you haven’t written down your whole goal, what are you waiting for?

Study after study shows that just the act of writing down your goal makes you more likely to achieve it.

2. Your Choice

It’s not enough to choose to get out of debt once.

Choose to do it every single day. 

Remember how much easier it will be to reach your goals once the debt is gone.

Choose debt payoff over those impulse buys and you’ll be there in no time.

Turns out having 8 people stand in line for one bathroom is great motivation for paying off debt!

3. The Long Haul

According to one study, people who focus on long term gains rather than short term gains are more successful.

Yes, it’s good to break up your big goal into smaller chunks.  Celebrate every small win!

But never forget your main goal: to lose all of the debt.

4. Move It!

Play some tunes!  Keep a playlist of motivational songs to listen to when you’re feeling down.

It can be a good distraction.

And, as long as you use music you already have, it’s pretty much free!

5. Watch Your Language

Forget the word “should”.  Consider it a foul four letter word, and don’t allow it to slip into your mind or mouth!

Saying “should” tells your brain that you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to do. Hellooooo instant guilt.

“I really should pack a lunch instead of buying.”

“I should just stay home tonight, I guess.”

Change that language!  You’re in charge of your life, aren’t you?

Try this:

“Tonight, I’ll check out that meteor shower I heard about on the radio!”

or  “I’m going to grab some blue cheese crumbles from the grocery store and make my own version of that yummy salad.  I’m going to save so much money!”

6. Say This Instead

Your brain responds differently to the phrases “I feel…” and “I am…”.  According to one article, using “I feel” language tells your brain that a situation is only temporary.

So if you feel sad or angry about your debt, use “I feel” language.

If, however, you want to shift your thinking, use the more permanent “I am” talk.

“I am motivated to get rid of this debt!”  It’s empowering!

7. Get Inspired

Borrow someone else’s motivation!  Even if you can’t seem to drum up your own positive thoughts, that’s ok.  Motivation is catching!

Do you know someone with great money habits?  If not, you can find positive communities online (including our own Living That #YearofNo Life Facebook group!).

8. Bet You Won’t

Make a bet!

Promise a friend that if you haven’t paid off a certain amount of debt by a date (not too far in the future!) you’ll do a chore that you hate doing for them.

9. Think Ahead

Pack your lunch the night before whenever possible.

That eliminates the “guess I’ll have to buy lunch today since I didn’t have time to pack” excuse!

If buying a lunch isn’t your favorite splurge, then think about what you tend to impulse buy.  Then plan ahead to set yourself up for success the next time you’re faced with that temptation.

10. Sign On the Line

Make a contract with your family.  You have to work together towards this goal!

Get everyone to buy in and understand why the sacrifice of spending less is worth it.

Debt snowball fatigue is a thing of the past!

And if these 10 ideas aren’t enough for keeping you in the fight against debt for the long haul…how about 14 more ideas?  Check out How to Get Debt Free: 14 Ways to Stay Motivated.

How to get out of debt: 14 ways to stay motivated

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