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Having a delicious Easter brunch buffet menu is a fun way to enjoy the Easter celebration. But you need recipes that you can make ahead of time… because who wants to miss the egg hunt?

Easter is such a joyous time!  As usual, the celebration includes some of our favorite foods.

An Easter brunch can be a special way for your family to celebrate after attending church.  

I used to spend most of my Easter morning in the kitchen trying to put together a delicious meal for my family to enjoy. 

But who wants to miss out on the joy of your kids enjoying their Easter treats and hunting for eggs while you slave over a stove?

I needed a way to spend less time in the kitchen and more time soaking up some childhood joy.

So I began to look for foods that would fit my priorities better.  Over the years, I’ve gradually created a menu that works perfectly.  

The rules for these Easter recipes are simple:  the food be easy to make ahead, special for Easter, and (obviously) they must taste delicious!

The Perfect Easter Brunch Menu

Easter Brunch Menu: Looking for brunch ideas or breakfast ideas for Easter? Give these a try.

Here are the recipes that meet our requirements.  This menu has become our Easter family tradition!

Hot Cross Buns

The highlight of the meal is Hot Cross Buns.  These have an obvious tie in for Easter, which is important to us.  It always opens conversation with the kids about the sacrifice that Jesus made and his triumph over the cross.

Hot Cross Buns

It also meets my criteria of being amazingly delicious (especially once I discovered Pioneer Woman’s recipe!) and easy to make ahead.

If you want to make them the day before (and you will want to do that if you have a busy Easter morning planned!), simply stop after the individual rolls have risen once on a cookie sheet.  

Instead of brushing the rolls with egg white, pop them in the freezer to flash freeze over night.

I’ve also had success just putting them in the fridge over night.

After you pop them in the freezer, mix up your frosting and put it in a pastry bag or Ziploc bag so that it’s ready to go in the morning.

On Easter morning, pop them in the oven while the kids hunt eggs, dig through candy, or read Bible verses.

Farmer’s Breakfast Casserole

It’s taken me a long time to convince hubby to like casseroles, but this is one of the recipes that did the trick!  It’s simple enough to throw together the day before.

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Photo Credit: Love Grows Wild

The next morning, simply take it from the fridge and pop it into the oven so that it’s nice and hot for brunch time.

If you prefer, bake it the day before and just warm it up for breakfast.  But I’ve never had any trouble using my method.

This recipe from Love Grows Wild is very close to the one I use, except that I usually just rip up bread into chunks for the bottom of mine.  Croutons would be an interesting variation!

Easter brunch menu

Fruit and Dip

After eating enough chocolate to fill an Easter basket, even a kid’s palate is ready for something a little more healthy when brunch rolls around.

The key to this fruit and dip tray is to choose fruits that will hold up overnight. 

Berries, grapes, and melons are fantastic choices.  Simply wash them, sort them, and cut them up the night before.  Then I place them in ziploc bags so they are ready to go in the morning.

If you want to add apples and pears, you’ll have time to slice a couple of them in the morning.  After all, the rest of the meal is already ready to go!

Now, finding a dip recipe that didn’t have marshmallow cream was important to me.  When I found this one (which calls for cream cheese and vanilla pudding!), I knew it would be a hit.

Of course, adding the dip removes the whole idea of having a healthy part of your brunch.  But it’s only Easter once a year, right?

More Easter Brunch Menu Ideas

Since it’s brunch, we don’t need much more than these menu items.  But if you’re looking for more options, try these:

These recipes for your Easter brunch buffet menu will be loved by all!

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What Easter tradition does your family enjoy?

The Best Easter Brunch Buffet Menu for Joyful (But Busy) Moms
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The Best Easter Brunch Buffet Menu for Joyful (But Busy) Moms
Having a delicious Easter brunch buffet menu is a fun way to enjoy the Easter celebration. But you need recipes that you can make ahead. Who wants to miss the egg hunt?
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Medium Sized Family

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