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When it’s time to drum up ideas for Easter desserts, you can’t serve just any ol’ thing.

I mean, this is the biggest celebration of the year! This is victory over the grave, over sin, over all that is evil.

Plus, think of all of those people who spent their Lent in fasting…they’re definitely ready for something sweet.

So what should you serve?

Well, here are some ideas that will have you drooling…

The Best Easter Desserts For A Crowd

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Let’s dive right in!

Easy Easter Desserts

Here are some recipes your crowd will love!

If you’re looking for the best Easter dessert that looks fancy (but doesn’t take a lot of effort), feast your eyes and your mouth on this Easter Trifle.

These adorable Mini Egg Cookie Bars are filled with fun treats. This makes them a great Easter dessert…or a yummy way to use up some of that extra Easter candy!

Don’t miss out on this cute, but simple recipe for Butterscotch Haystack Nests using robin’s egg candies.

Cute Easter Desserts

These individual Easter dessert ideas are just adorable.

How adorable are these little Easter Bunny Parfaits?! So easy to make these fun individual treats.

Or here’s a way to make Easy Easter Trifle Parfaits for a more individual dessert idea.

How stinkin’ cute are these Chocolate Dipped Peep Bunnies?! I love them.

These Easy Easter Cake Pops are almost too pretty to eat…but that won’t stop you from savoring them!

Fudge isn’t just for Christmas time. Now you can make this super spring-y Peanut Butter Fudge with Mini Easter Eggs.

Definitely don’t skip this one! You won’t believe how simple it is to make these “Carrot” Easter Pudding Cups, and they are just so darned cute!

Easter Desserts For A Crowd

For something a little different, you gotta try this Bunny Munch dessert. How much fun is this?

Or, if you loooove chocolate (who doesn’t??), you’re sure to love this White Chocolate Easter Popcorn treat!

For a fresh dessert option, sink your teeth into some Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Easter Eggs.

Or you could build an Easter Buttercream Board for a fun grab and go kind of Easter treat.

These Easter Cookies practically scream spring. They are so light and fluffy, the perfect way to use those Easter M&Ms!

Easter Oreo Truffles are a fun way to use those cute Easter egg designs on your dessert.

These Robin’s Egg Macaroons are a little more involved to make, but oh so pretty and Easter-y!

Easter Cakes

Want to make a lamb cake, but not sure you can pull it off? This simple Pull Apart Lamb Cake is totally do-able!

I just love the eye catching colors of this Easter Poke Cake.

For a cake that’s a little more complex, but will bring you the real meaning of the day, serve up this beautiful Resurrection Cake.

The kids will LOVE this treat within a treat. Make an Easter Egg Treasure Cake if you want to be the favorite guest at the party.

Or a fun treat for the kids could be this pretty Easter Bunny Cake!

These Easter desserts are a sure hit for your celebration this year!

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