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A big, fuzzy blanket is snuggly wrapped around you as you cuddle into your favorite comfy corner of the couch.

There’s a warm fire burning, and you can’t wait to get lost in the historic fiction book you picked up from the library.

And your hands?

They’re wrapped around your favorite mug.  Which is full of a delicious flavor of tea.

Wouldn’t you love to wrap up this feeling and give it as a gift?

Here’s how you can.

This easy DIY Christmas gift in a jar is perfect for women who love tea! Give the cozy gift of comfort this year.

Why A Box Of Tea Is The Perfect DIY Gift

One of the best parts of cold weather is enjoying a hot cup of tea.

And now you can turn this into a special gift for the comfort lover in your life!

Putting together a box of tea is a simple DIY that even the most un-creative of us can handle.

Seriously.  I’m the girl who can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

But I put this box together.  And it turned out so cute!

First, You Need A Box


I found this beautiful box at Dollar General.

Since those seem to be on every corner, it should be easy for you to find!  They usually have a ton of options, so you can find just the right design for your giftee.

Frugal Gift Idea- A Box of Teas (Box)

Just make sure it will hold several pint sized mason jars.

My box is 11 1/2″ wide, 6 3/4″ deep, and 6″ tall.  It fits 6 pint jars with room to spare for extra free samples and anything else I like to tuck in there.

(Pint jars measure 5″ tall and 2 3/4″ across.)

Mason Jars

If you have mason jars on hand from a well intentioned time when you were going to start canning all the things, run them through the dishwasher and put them to use here! 

You can also grab mason jars at Dollar General.  

But you may find them cheaper at Amazon.  So check your prices!

You Need Tea

Because what’s a box of teas without…tea?

There are some delicious flavors of tea to try.

You can also choose teas for the problems they claim to solve.  For instance, peppermint tea is supposed to be good for settling a tummy.  Lemon and ginger are also good choices for illness. 

Sleepytime teas are good for people who need more sleep.  (So…everybody?)

  • Chai tea – It’s one of my favorite flavors!
  • Sleepytime Vanilla tea – For relaxing before bed.
  • Tension Tamer – Stressful days!  (Obviously.)
  • Peach tea – Yummy pick-me-up flavor.
  • Echinacea tea – Works wonders when I’m not feeling well.  This one has been tough to find in local stores lately.
  • Peppermint tea – Festive for the Christmas season, but also helps with sore throats or upset stomachs (though I need to restock this one at the moment!).

If you get a variety, they should have plenty of flavors to choose from.

It’s a great way for them to try something new without making the splurge themselves!

Make It Pretty

Don’t worry, this part is very forgiving!

We’re going to take all those teas out of the boxes and put them in the mason jars.  It’s prettier, it fits better, and it’s easy to grab one bag without fighting with boxes.

Frugal Gift Idea- A Box of Teas (lid)

Take a canning lid out.  Use it like a stencil to draw a circle around the top of the tea box.

Circle the part that will make it clear what flavor is in that jar.  You may not be able to fit the entire name in the circle…but you should get enough to make it obvious what’s there.

Push that box cut out circle into the ring lid of the jar.  You can put the canning lid under the cardboard to make it sturdier if you want.

Put all the bags from that box into the mason jar, and top it with your new ring lid.

Oh, and if you’re a canner, you can use an old flat lid rather than a brand new one!  It won’t need to seal.

If you don’t know what that means, then just use the lid that came with your brand new mason jars.  😉

Put a Twist On It

Are you worried that they might not like flavored tea?

No problem.

Just put in some black tea (decaf is fine if that’s what they drink).

Add a pretty teapot.  (I would love to have this one…hint, hint Hubby. ?)

Then, instead of offering flavors of tea, make some of the simple syrups featured in this post to go along with it.

OR, here’s a fun idea!!

Fill the mason jars with different flavors of hot cocoa instead.  Mint, dark, marshmallows, etc.  Or even warm apple cider packets.

You can buy packets or make your own!

You can be frugal while still giving a super fun DIY gift they’ll actually love.

Why not make one for yourself while you’re at it??  You totally deserve this cuddly, comfort gift, too!

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Are you a tea lover?  What’s your favorite flavor?

This cheap DIY gift idea is the perfect Christmas gift for people who aren't creative or crafty. A fun gift you can make yourself.