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You might need frugal grocery shopping tips, but that doesn’t mean you have a ton of time to dedicate to saving money. Here’s how to juggle it all!

If you’ve walked into a grocery store any time in the past year, you probably got some serious sticker shock.

What in the world has happened to prices??

You feel a bit of a panic when you put a little less in the cart than usual, and the cashier still gives you a total that’s much higher than you used to pay.

So you begin to look for frugal grocery shopping tips.  Soon you find yourself face to face with ideas that seem…

…completely overwhelming.

Why does this have to be so hard?!

Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be!

I know, because I do all the grocery shopping for our family of 8.  It’s a challenge, for sure!

Raising a lot of kids doesn’t leave much extra time…and being frugal often demands using time instead of money.

But there is a way to balance saving money and saving time for busy families like ours.  Read on to get all the frugal tips!

Frugal Grocery Shopping for the Rest of Us

You know…the imperfect people.  😉

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The Easier Shopping List

Grocery shopping with a list is a great way to save both time and money.

But making a list can be time consuming!

Well, here are two tools that can make this chore easier.  (Don’t worry, they’re both free!)

One is this grocery shopping list template.  Use this to keep track of the things you buy regularly.

The other is the Cozi app for your phone.

Every time we run out of something, I open my phone and add that “something” to my Cozi shopping list.  Use this tip and you’ll always have your list with you!

Choose Your Store (Stores?)

Picking your grocery store can really impact your budget.

The most convenient store isn’t always full of the best bargains.

So find a store that sells good food at a good price, and be willing to try a few different stores that you haven’t tried before.

Aldi has amazing prices, and in some cases my kids actually prefer their generic brand foods over other brands.

If you’ve ever wondered if shopping at Sam’s Club is worth it, check out this post.

Then there’s the question of shopping multiple stores for your one shopping list.

The potential for saving big this way is pretty good.

But don’t forget about something important here…and that’s your willpower.

Shopping store after store demands that you say no to all the “great buys” that catch your eye time after time.

So if you don’t have the strength to say no to every impulse buy you see for a couple of hours, shopping at just one store may actually save you the most. 

clearance groceries

Modern Day Coupons

Remember the days of getting a newspaper and cutting coupons on Sundays?

Well that’s not really a thing anymore. But coupons didn’t completely disappear.  They just evolved.

They also got easier…like using the Fetch app.  It’s free…all you do is snap a picture of your receipt and you earn points automatically every time.

Turn those points into rewards like gift cards for dining out or (my favorite), Amazon!

Sign up here and use my referral code PEWR4 to begin with 2,000 points.  (You can start cashing out at 3,000 points so whoop whoop for that!)

Another easy way to get coupons is on the app or website of your favorite stores.

Just tap the coupons you want during a commercial break or while waiting in line.

Also, be sure that you completed the sign up for loyalty cards at your favorite stores!

Some grocery stores still snail mail coupons for the things you use the most.  If they don’t have your address, you’ll miss out on some awesome coupons.

(Kroger sometimes sends me $10 off a $100 total purchase…gotta love that!)


Dread The Meal Plan Less

I hate meal planning, too, so I’ve worked out a simple way to get it done quickly in a way that saves me the most money. 

Get it free here:

Yes, There Is Food Here

Sometimes my kids walk into the kitchen and insist that we have no food.

Then I follow them in there, baffled… as I open a full fridge and pantry.

What they’re looking for is expensive prepared foods (and let’s be honest, they mostly want junk food).

But what we have are all the ingredients you could need to make any number of meal options!

Make a list of some things that you or your kids can make quickly and easily.

Plus, if you get your kids or spouse interesting in a fun cooking show (there are plenty on Netflix and even YouTube), they may be excited to try some new things in the kitchen!  Win/win!

Shop Less Often…Sweet!

Fewer trips to the grocery store…doesn’t that sound like a dream??

For me, the absolute best way to use your time in a way that will save you the most money is to build a stockpile of groceries.

I know that sounds intimidating, but it’s really much easier than you’d imagine!

A stockpile means you aren’t at the mercy of buying only whatever the store feels like putting on sale this week.

When a storm or the flu hits your house, you always know there is something to eat.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and anyone can do it (on just about any kind of budget, diet restrictions, or stage in life). 

With the help of a workbook and videos you can listen to while you drive, you can quickly learn exactly how to create a frugal stockpile of groceries of your very own.  (You’ll make your money back in no time flat.)

Shopping for groceries can save you a lot of money thanks to these simple frugal tips!

When you see these savings with your very next paycheck, you’ll be hooked on frugal living, simplified.

How do you save on groceries?

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grocery shopping on a budget, grocery shopping list on a budget, budgeting for groceries, tight grocery budget, budget groceries, budget grocery shopping, tight budget grocery list

These frugal grocery shopping tips for saving money are the best way to save without giving up all your free time.