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Occupy everyone with these fun things to do as a family all summer long! They’re all cheap, and many are even free. How many will you cross off?

A 1970s style summer seems awesome in theory.  Keeping things slow, simple, and (of course) cheap is a must.  But don’t worry, I’ve got a ton of ideas to try.  I may have even bribed asked my kids to help me put this list together.  That makes this list both kid and Mom approved!

Be sure to pin this one for later, because you’ll want to see how many you can try out this year.

Need ideas for fun things to do as a family, but don't have a lot of money to spend? Get 101 cheap ideas (many are even free!) for a ton of fun.

  1. Bake cookies.
  2. Write an actual letter to a friend.
  3. Make stained glass jars.
  4. Read a book.
  5. Do a crossword or word search.
  6. Clean something (Turn it into a scavenger hunt or a race!)
  7. Paint rocks.  Turn them into pet rocks or create a tic tac toe game.
  8. Do a good deed for someone else without letting them catch you.
  9. Play on an educational website.
  10. Do a Lego challenge.  Fun things to do as a family
  11. Create an obstacle course (inside or outside).
  12. Check out a new magazine.
  13. Rearrange a bedroom to a fun new look.
  14. Have friends over.
  15. Find Just Dance videos on Youtube and try them out.
  16. Pick a topic like rain.  Try to come up with as many songs that use that word as possible.
  17. Costume party!
  18. Choose clothes no one wants anymore and find someone to bless them with.  (A big family would especially love this!)
  19. Make trail mix from what you have on hand (cereal, nuts, candy, dried fruit, etc).
  20. Create a comic strip.  Come up with characters and jokes!
  21. Invent something that would make your life easier.
  22. Set up a yard sale or lemonade stand and let the kids use the money for something fun.
  23. Use trail signs to create a trail for someone else to follow.
  24. Do logic puzzles.
  25. Set up targets for Nerf guns, BB guns, bow and arrows, or whatever you have on hand.  Stacks of cups, old milk jugs, and cans set on a fence or hung from a branch work well.
  26. Go geocaching.
  27. Make Jumbo Wood Dice and play a game of backyard Yatzee…er, Yardzee!                                                [clickToTweet tweet=”Need some fun things to do as a family? Get 101 ideas you can use right now! #family” quote=”Need some fun things to do as a family? Get 101 ideas you can use right now! #family” theme=”style5″]Fun things to do as a family
  28. Make a baking soda and vinegar volcano.
  29. Or kick it up a notch with this baking soda and vinegar activity!
  30. See who can make the longest snake out of Play Doh.  (Make your own Play Doh!)
  31. Water gun fight!  (You can even rinse out old ketchup bottles and use them as water guns!)
  32. Learn a new language.  Check out Rosetta Stone CDs from your library or try Duolingo (it’s free!).
  33. Make slime (we call it oobleck!).
  34. Try sewing cards (here are some free printables).
  35. Learn to play the recorder or harmonica.
  36. Make a friendship bracelet.
  37. Make paper airplanes and see who can fly the furthest.
  38. Create a skit based on your favorite book.
  39. Paint your nails.
  40. Make pinewood derby cars and race them.
  41. Learn a new line dance.
  42. Do shaving cream art.
  43. Go fishing.  Use poles you own (or borrow) and dig worms from the backyard.  Enjoy a pond at a local park.
  44. Run through a sprinkler (if it’s warm enough).
  45. Plan your dream vacation.  Fun things to do as a family
  46. Teach them how to cook their favorite food.
  47. Set up your living room or bedroom to play balloon ball.  Hit the balloon over streamers for a volleyball style game or use an inflatable (like this) as a bat to play indoor baseball.  (Watch out for the breakables!)
  48. Take a midday bubble bath with extra bubbles.
  49. Have a race.  Time each other to see if you can beat your own fastest time.
  50. Hide and seek.
  51. See how long a line of stuffed animals you can make.
  52. Use water color paints and create an art show.
  53. Bird watch.
  54. Pull together a care package for any soldier.
  55. Learn how to build furniture from scratch.
  56. Make a fairy garden from things around the house.
  57. Make a flip book.
  58. Play 20 questions.  (This online version is fun, but it’s not always family friendly so beware!)
  59. Google what random holiday it is and celebrate it!
  60. Learn how to take better pictures and have a photo session.
  61. Tell jokes.
  62. Train for a 5K.
  63. Make a time capsule.
  64. Make leaf rubbings.
  65. Play with sidewalk chalk (over 45 ideas here!)
  66. Look through old pictures.
  67. Play Mad Libs.
  68. Learn what your local library offers beyond books and videos.
  69. Find all the letters of the alphabet in your room or outside.
  70. Plant flowers or herbs in pots.  Fun things to do as a family
  71. Play a card game.
  72. Karaoke.  (Music from the radio and a hairbrush works fine!)
  73. Make glasses sing.  Try to set up several glasses to play Row Row Row Your Boat.
  74. Play wiffle ball.
  75. Fly kites.
  76. Play “will it float” with a giant bowl of water and household items.
  77. Play HORSE or PIG with a basketball.  (Or use an indoor Nerf set.)
  78. Find a place to pick your own strawberries (or other fruit).
  79. Learn origami.
  80. Take the Jeopardy test to see if you can be a contestant.
  81. Make puppets and put on a show.
  82. Have a fashion show.
  83. Try a new hairdo.
  84. Go for a drive and look for new sights.
  85. Have a mini Olympics.
  86. Make a tire swing.  You could also make a swing from a board or an old chair with the legs cut off.  
  87. Do a giant puzzle together.  (You’ll find tons at yard sales or thrift stores.)
  88. Try on make up.
  89. Make s’mores.
  90. Have a campfire and camp in the yard.
  91. Play “try not to laugh”.
  92. Tell scary stories.
  93. Make candles.
  94. Set out ingredients and see who can make the best wrap (or other food).
  95. Tie dye shirts.
  96. Make an ice cream sundae bar.
  97. Set up a lemonade stand.
  98. Make an old fashioned can and string phone.  (Yarn and solo cups work great!)
  99. Make a cloud.
  100. Ask your kids to come up with 101 fun ideas.
  101. BE BORED.  You will survive it…and you might even be surprised at what you’ll learn on your own!

Want a Free Printable List?

These fun things to do as a family should keep you busy for a while!

My family enjoyed putting this list together.  And now we’re looking forward to crossing off as many as possible this summer!

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101 Cheap But Fun Things To Do As a Family
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101 Cheap But Fun Things To Do As a Family
Occupy everyone with these fun things to do as a family all summer long! They're all cheap, and many are even free. How many will you cross off?
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