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Finding the right inexpensive Christmas gifts that still show how much you care can be tough. But this list of unique ideas makes it easy!

Remember in the Little House on the Prairie books when Laura receives the inexpensive Christmas gifts of an orange and some candy? 

One year she even got her very own tin cup to use!

And the year that she received her rag doll was so special to her.

Think about that.  Do you think your kids could even tell you what they got for Christmas last year?

The season has morphed from a simple celebration to an over the top holiday. 

Even if you don’t long for those Little House on the Prairie style days in your home, you probably like the idea of cutting back a bit.

And you know your budget would appreciate it!

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts That Will Help You Give from the Heart

These inexpensive Christmas gifts are a great way to celebrate Christmas on a budget. Even if there's no money for Christmas gifts, you can still give them something to unwrap!

This year, don’t enter a fresh new January with a pile of debt.  Here are some inexpensive Christmas ideas that make the day feel special without sending your savings into a tailspin.

Try A Gift Exchange Theme

snowman gift bag

Cut back on the need to buy something for every person in the family or group with one of these fun gift exchange themes

Pitching the idea of one of these games might convince other people in your family or group to cut back to buying for just one person.

It’s all the excitement at a fraction of the cost!

It encourages just being together rather than focusing on how many gifts you can stack up.  And it’s so much fun, no one will miss the extra clutter Christmas presents!

Get a whole list of gift exchange theme ideas here!

Free Samples

This idea comes to you courtesy of our fantastic Facebook Group, Living That #YearofNo Life.  (If you’re into frugal living, you’ll definitely want to join us for all sorts of support and ideas!)

There are so many free samples out there!

Of course, not every sample will be right for gifting. 

There are some off the wall things that you’re better off not getting at all…or just keeping for yourself.

But make up and skincare make a great stocking stuffer for a teenager.  Detergent samples are great for college kids and people learning to live on their own. 

And foodies will love trying the latest food samples!

Check this page for all the latest free samples!

Dollar Store Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I continue to be amazed at all the things you can find at the dollar store! 

Put those bargains in a cute basket and you have a great frugal gift idea.

A friend of mine told me that there are even better bargains in the Dollar Tree online store, so I checked it out.

Create a craft kit including things like a paint your own bank set and a sand art kit. 

You could also just give the an assortment of favorite crafting items like ribbons, paper, googly eyes, glitter, and more!

Refresh their kitchen.  A new set of dish towels can feel like a luxury to someone who hasn’t had a new set since their wedding day. 

A set of utensils, colorful colanders, and a fresh cutting board are always nice treats for the chef of the house.

Wrap up an affordable special care package for anyone! 

Acts of Service

If you’ve read The 5 Love Languages, then you know that some people feel the most loved when others give them “acts of service.”

Remember those little coupon booklets you made back in elementary school?  Mom could redeem one for weeding the garden, another one for doing the dishes, etc. 

Those are acts of service!

Put a grown up twist on that idea!  If you have more time than money, there are plenty of ways you can give that gift. 

Click the photo to download some free printable Christmas coupons:

And many people will appreciate this even more than a physical gift.

  • Babysitting for the couple who never gets to go on a date.
  • Cleaning for the grandparents who can’t get around as easily anymore.
  • Painting for the friend who just bought a house.

Think about the people in your life that you know well.  What would mean the most to them? 


With so many blogs around, there are tons of giveaways available.  There’s no guarantee you’ll win, of course, but the small effort involved could pay off in a big way!

Get my favorite tips for increasing your odds of winning giveaways here.


I’d never suggest you knit a sweater for the first time ever and give it away this Christmas.  But there are DIY gift ideas for every level of experience!

Try some of these great DIY Christmas gift suggestions.


If you already have lots of flowers growing on your property, here’s a free idea that might be the perfect gift for someone on your list!

Fall is a great time to separate bulbs anyway.

Why not put them in a pretty bag and share them as a gift?

This also works for perinneal plants such as berry bushes or asparagus which tend to send up extra shoots.

You could even start some seeds in a small pot for a pretty kitchen window bloom!

Freezer Meals

Christmas is a time for lots of sweets.  A plate of cookies or a loaf of bread (this Cranberry Orange Bread is amazing!!) can be a very nice gift for some people.

You might even enjoy hosting a fun cookie exchange! (It’s much easier and cheaper than you’d think!)

But if you’re looking for something a little more than that, why not make a freezer meal or two?

Assuming you know the diet of your giftee, you should be able to come up with a good meal for them.

Few people would turn up their nose at the chance to have a meal ready in the freezer!

The best part is that you can probably double up on a meal you’re already making for your own family.  Use ingredients you find on sale.

An alternative for people who don’t have much freezer space might be a nice basket (from a thrift store) with the fixings for a spaghetti dinner.

Use these inexpensive Christmas gifts for a special present that won’t leave you with a debt hangover!

Don’t worry, I have a ton of ideas to help you round out that gift list!

Cool Things Under Ten Dollars

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Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas (Because You Treasure All They Do!)

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

And if you’re looking for even more ways to simplify the season and save big on Christmas this year, be sure to sign up for the Christmas Mini Challenge! 

You’ll get free tips sent right to your inbox.  Start now and make it easy on yourself!

What’s your favorite inexpensive Christmas gift idea?

These inexpensive Christmas gifts are the perfect ideas for family. Get easy but unique suggestions for Christmas presents, even if you don't have much money to spend!