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As a Mom of 5 kids, I know how to pinch a penny.  We have a smaller home (with just one bathroom), which in some ways is really nice.  Less to clean and keep up with.  And best of all, we don’t find ourselves house poor.  (Who wants to send all their hard earned money to the mortgage company?)

All of that might be true, but you can bet that I still dream about what it would be like to have a spacious large family home.  And Mama, you sometimes dream about those things, too!

Today let’s explore what some large family homes and put some new ideas into our dream files.  And who knows?  Some of these pictures might even inspire ideas that you can use today.

Dreams of a Large Family Home

Dreaming of a Breathtaking Large Family Home That Holds It All?  Get large family home ideas for your dream file here.  I especially love the extra shower idea!

Incidentally…after doing research for this post, I’m getting a slight obsession with Houzz.  Just sayin’.

The Living Room

The ideal large family home will have a ton of seating.  Whether you’re playing games, catching up, or watching TV together, you’ll need plenty of room for the whole crew.

This one is spacious.  The sofas aren’t white (always a plus!)


This one is less realistic for a young family.  But hey, it’s a dream file!  I love the pitched ceilings and cozy fireplace.
Photo by Carolina Design Associates, LLC - More traditional living room photos
But what we’d really love is a place to keep everyone occupied!  How about a family room that doubles as a game room?
Photo by Creative Design Construction, Inc. - Look for traditional family room design inspiration

The Kitchen

Two sinks, a big table, extra seating everywhere?  Plenty of light, too.  I love this kitchen!

Photo by DiFiore & Partners - Discover farmhouse kitchen design inspiration
Do you dream of a beautifully organized pantry with plenty of room for everything?  Handmade Home made it happen for her family.

A pantry for a large family home





But the thing that screams large family home to me is having a beautiful farmhouse table with lots of room.  I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Ana White blog, but she has instructions for building your own furniture that even beginners can tackle.  This beautiful table was the creation of Lisa Marie Bass.

A farmhouse table - Perfect for a large family home!


The Bathroom

How nice would it be to have a triple sink in the bathroom?!  No more fights over who’s turn it is to brush teeth or do hair.




Not exactly a bathroom idea, but how nice would it be to have a shower space near the back door?


The Bedrooms

A large family home begs for a nice set of bunk beds.  But just a minute…why not make that several sets of bunk beds?  Plenty of room for everyone!




Another great way to arrange the beds; create a loft bed and put the other beds perpendicular.


House of Giggles decided to solve the bedtime problem of kids in the bed by creating one large family bed.  While she admits that this solution isn’t for everyone, it’s certainly a creative way to deal!

A large family bed for the large family home


The Laundry Room

I bet all large family moms would love to have another washer/dryer set!  Laundry is a full time job.

How about a beautiful sink (instead of a plastic utility sink in the corner) and lots of space for air drying?

These fun ideas for a large family home are sure to get the creative juices flowing!

I hope you loved these ideas as much as I do!

Looking for better options for fitting what you have into the space you’re living in now?  Check out How to Organize a Large Family in a Small House.

How to Organize a Large Family In a Small House

What room is the most important in a large family home?

Dreaming of A Remarkable Large Family Home That Holds It All
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Dreaming of A Remarkable Large Family Home That Holds It All
Do you dream about a large family home that actually holds it all? These beautiful ideas will inspire you. File them away in your dream file.
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