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Last minute dinner ideas can save you from another night of pizza deliveries. Get recipes that use ingredients you probably have on hand!

That clock is a sneaky fellow.  How often have you looked up to discover that it’s practically dinner time…and you have no plan at all?

It happens even to the best meal planners!

No family can survive on pizza delivery every night (especially when you’re trying to save money!).

So keeping a list of last minute dinner ideas on hand is a great idea.  When you’re too tired to create a recipe based on the ingredients in your pantry, don’t worry.  It’s as simple as scrolling through this list of delicious recipes!

These are recipes that you can make without worrying about marinading or firing up the slow cooker.   Most of them are very forgiving.  So if you don’t have the exact type of cheese or veggies they call for, use what you have on hand instead.

Yummy Last Minute Dinners for Busy Moms

Need some last minute dinner ideas? Get yummy recipes that don't require a crock pot, no marinades, and simple ingredients you probably have on hand!

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It’s cheap, it’s easy, and you can use it in so many ways!  Here’s a pile of delicious chicken recipes.

1. Cheesy One Pot Chicken Lasagna You probably think I’m crazy for beginning a simple last minute meal list with lasagna of all things.  But if you’ve got leftover chicken already cooked up in the fridge or freezer, this one’s a snap!

2. Easy Chicken Piccata Piccata sounds fancy, but the only unusual ingredient here is capers.  You can sub onions or skip it altogether and still have a delicious meal!


3. Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables  Simple, check.  Versatile, check.  Delicious, check!

4.  One Pot Chicken and Rice Dinner  Talk about your comfort foods!

5.  Chicken Bacon One Pot Meal  The bacon is a topping, so you can skip it if you don’t love bacon (gasp!) or you just don’t have the patience for the mess right now.

6.  One Pot Spanish Chicken and Rice  Got a whole chicken you aren’t sure what to do with?  If you’ve got the hang of cutting a whole chicken,this one won’t take long.  (Pssst…you could use chicken breasts or tenders in this just fine!)

7.  Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole  Got deli ham?  Here’s a delicious way to jazz it up!

8.  Easy Tetrazzini Casserole with Leftover Turkey or Chicken Another yummy way to use up leftover chicken.

9.  Easy Weeknight Chicken and Salsa  Taco lovers are sure to have these ingredients on hand!

10. Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Mustard Cream Sauce  A few simple ingredients will jazz up those boring chicken breasts!

11. Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry  Healthy ingredients, easy clean up!

12. Skillet Pot Pie  Home cooking made super easy!

13. Chicken Summer Vegetable Saute A great light meal for a busy night.

14. Poppy Seed Chicken  This is a fun “throwback meal” that you can make from your pantry.

15. Pretzel Crusted Chicken Love this idea for using pretzels on chicken!!

16. Chicken Spaghetti Casserole This one looks delicious, but be aware that it does need to cook for an hour!


17. Last Minute Pasta Dinner   Easy!  (Hint: Use lemon juice if you don’t have a lemon!)

18. Simple Parmesan Chili Pasta  What an easy meal that packs a big bang in the taste department!


19. Easy Beef with Mushrooms  This one makes me wish my family would eat mushrooms and onions!  (I love ’em!)

20. Taco Salad Recipe With Doritos  Taco salad with a twist the kids will love!

21. Enchilada Pasta  The flavors of enchiladas without the extra fuss!

22. Sloppy Joe Casserole Just 5 ingredients!!

23. Hamburger Casserole  Super simple with just a few ingredients, but you know it’s going to be good.

24. Kitchen Sink Shepherd’s Pie  Why not use up those leftover mashed potatoes in some soul food?

25. Grandma’s Hungarian Goulash Remember how you made enough spaghetti to feed an army?  Make the leftovers into another scrumptious meal!


26. Sausage, Green Beans, and Potatoes  No time for the slow cooker?  Use canned green beans and cook it on the stovetop for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.

27. Easy Sausage and Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner I adore sheet pan dinners.  So easy to fit in some extra food groups and add color to your meal!

Other Ideas

28. Easy, Cheesy 5 Ingredient Pizza Pasta Bake  Waaay easier than homemade pizza!

29. Tuna Casserole  Super versatile ingredients, and I know you’ve got cans of tuna on your pantry shelves.  😉

30. Easy Egg Drop Soup  If you’ve got eggs, you can put this one together in a snap.

These last minute dinner ideas are simple but delicious!

That ought to keep the drive thru and pizza deliveries at bay for another day!

Want more dinner solutions?  Check out these great recipes for a crowd.

Easy Large Family Meals

What’s your go to meal for a last minute dinner?

Grab these quick and easy last minute dinner ideas! Get simple healthy meals for families on the go. #dinner

These last minute dinner ideas are quick and easy meals you'll love! Recipes using eggs, ground beef, chicken, and more. Your kids and family will love these simple ideas! #recipes
30 Last Minute Dinner Ideas You Can Make Right Now
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30 Last Minute Dinner Ideas You Can Make Right Now
Last minute dinner ideas can save you from another night of pizza deliveries. Get recipes that use ingredients you probably have on hand!
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