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Follow a few simple rules and you won’t have to worry about living on one income. In fact, you may thrive better than you ever did on two incomes!

I looked down at my huge belly as my students kept time on their rhythm sticks.

“Ok, listen to the next pattern!” I called out.  I could feel the baby jump inside me every time I tapped the sticks together.  

I had to hold back a giggle at the tickling feeling!

THEN I had to hold back the same thought that always played in the corner of my mind…

…how can I afford to stay home with my kids?  What’s the trick to living on one income?

Learning to Live On One Income

Living on one income is easier for families when you follow these 25 simple rules. Learn how saving money is just one part of the experience!

I loved being a music teacher to my students.  But I had wanted to be a stay at home mom since I was a little girl!

By the time baby number 3 was born, my husband and I had finally made a way for me to stay home and raise our children.

(It’s a good thing, too…because 3 more kids came along after that baby!)

Here are some of the rules we’ve learned to live by.  Rules that help us do more than just survive…we’re able to thrive!

The 25 Simple Rules You Should Follow to Thrive While Living On One Income

1. Never buy things with money you hope you’ll have later.

2. If you chose this lifestyle, remember how much you longed to be able to stay home.

3. If you didn’t choose this lifestyle, never stop looking for ways to improve your life.


4. Use Personal Capital to keep your budget honest.  (It’s free.)

5. Your people are hanging out at the library and local parks.  Find them and make friends.

6.  A good Facebook group can be the perfect support system.

7.  Sometimes a good morning routine can change everything.

8. Comparison can either steal your joy or increase your gratitude.  Choose wisely.

9. Truth, goodness, beauty, wonder, and humility are free.  Embracing these things builds a rich life.

10. Eating your PB&J outside makes it a fun picnic!

11. Learn something new often.  Knowledge these days is free or close to it.  (Especially if your library has free use of computers or tablets.)

12. Pssst…your kids say they want the latest gadget.  But really they want your time.

13. What are you most passionate about?  Passion gives more than it takes.  Be the change.

This is a must read list of tips for living on one income. Why just survive when you can thrive? #money

14. Look forward to something.  Dropping your loose change into a jar can add up to something big!  The anticipation of a splurge can be just as much fun as the experience itself.

15. You’re always rich at the library.

16. Rethink everything.  Big changes in life often lead to good things.  Lose the huge house and expensive car payments and embrace a #yearofno.

17. Take food and drinks along.  Try this list of snacks for trips.

18. When it’s time to buy, get the best quality item you can find.  But don’t pay full price.

19. Avoid the pantry challenge.

20. Contracts and payments are not your friends.

21. Find a home remedies book at the thrift store or yard sale.  Use it often.

22. Use a monthly meal planner.

23. Eat leftovers first.

24. Collect all the frugal living tips you can find.

25. Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. Do things without always knowing how they’ll turn out.  ~Randall Munroe

That’s how you make living on one income into a beautiful life.

Is stay home with the kids something that distracts you while you’re working?

If you’ve always imagined becoming a stay at home mom, check out these steps that helped our family accomplish that dream.

What is your favorite tip for living on one income?


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