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Inside: Looking for some special gifts for Mom? Choose something she’s sure to love this year! Choose the right gift from this variety of ideas.

Mother’s Day is just around the bend, and soon we’ll all be looking for special gifts for Mom.  And if you are a Mom, that means your family will be asking you for ideas, too.

Moms, we have so many decisions to make all day every day.  What will we eat for three meals?  What should everyone wear today?  How much TV is too much?  Can we buy this thing/have someone over/go somewhere?

Sometimes I think the best gift of all is to not have to decide on something for once!

I wanted to find some special gifts for Mom this time, and this list is great. It's got affordable ideas that I know she'll actually love to have!


And since it’s #yearofno at our house, I even added some great options that cost little to nothing, but still mean the world to us Moms.

I mean, if we’re being honest here, I think most of us would love a bath without anyone banging on the door for 20 minutes.  Right?

Special Gifts for Mom

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Nostalgic Gifts

I don’t know any moms who think life is going by too slowly.  Even on tough days, we worry that our kids are growing up too fast.  Some day we may forget all about what it was like when our kids were so small!

That’s what makes these gifts so special.  They create a connection to your Mom like never before.  And they are a special keepsake that you’ll be grateful to have.


Every Mom has something she especially loves, and why not let her wear that proudly?  My hubby sent me the link to a shirt that says “I teach my kid to hit and steal.”  The mix of sarcasm and baseball was perfect for me!

And there’s a perfect t-shirt for the Mom in your life, too. Here are some fun options to get you started!


Pamper Her!

I don’t know too many Moms who don’t love their coffee!  Did you know that they now make a coffee maker that will grind beans and then brew them?  Fresh coffee with nearly no effort on Mom’s part!  Which is even more awesome, because who has the brain power to make coffee before they’ve had their coffee??

A nice set of comfortable slippers, some special lotion she’d never splurge on for herself, and a good book will do the trick!

What She Really Wants

We adore our children and would do anything at all for them.  But what every Mom really wants is a little down time.  Give her a pampering gift, but be sure to give her the time to actually use it!  Take the kids out and let Mom read a book without interruption.

Or buy a gift card for a spa, a movie with no talking animals, or a mani/pedi.  Let her enjoy a day of peace and quiet!  She’ll be recharged and ready to pamper the family again.

Still Not Sure?

Go check out this post to learn what love language your Mom speaks.  I’ve got suggestions that you can try for each of the love languages.  You can tailor her gift to something she is sure to love!


What are your favorite special gifts for Mom?

14 Special Gifts for Mom That She'll Actually Want!
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14 Special Gifts for Mom That She'll Actually Want!
Looking for some special gifts for Mom? Choose something she's sure to love this year! Choose the right gift from this variety of ideas.
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