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Taking a nature walk with kids isn’t always as much fun as it sounds. Get more “woohoo” and less “I’m bored!” with these memory making tips.

Let’s be honest.

Taking a nature walk with kids sounds more fun than it usually is.

It always seems like a good way to get out of the house.

But no sooner are you out there walking than you start hearing, “How much loooooonger??”

“My leeeeeeegs hurt.”

Followed by the classic…

“I’m booooooooored.”

Forget that jazz.

Here’s how you get the kids to burn off some of that energy (you know, the stuff they only have when they’re inside and bickering with their siblings?) without the hassle.

You just have to make it a little more fun!

But it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Try this…

4 Fun Things To Do On Your Nature Walk (With Kids)

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Before you head outdoors, there are some things that will make your walks even more fun (every time).

Have everyone dress in fun hats (might as well protect those noggins from the sun).  Be sure to wear your bug spray and sunblock.

But add some fun stuff, too.

It’s crazy how a pair of binoculars can make a hike a million times more fun. 

Think of the imagination your kids will have when they carry their water in a super cool canteen like this one.

 Oh, and don’t forget the snacks!  (Here are some of our favorites that are easy enough to carry along.)

Play Your ABCs

We did this one a year or two ago and the kids loved it.

You’ve probably played the alphabet game in the car.  You know, when you look at signs and license plates to find all the letters of the alphabet.  (In order.)

Well, nature is chock full of the alphabet, too.

You just have to look a little harder.  Maybe be a little more creative.

Play the abc game with your family!

If you look in the pictures, here’s how we found A, B, C, and D on our property.

Have fun with it!  And if you let the kids take pictures of what they find, they’ll be even more into it.

Work It!

Why not put a little more movement into your walk?

There’s tons of ways you can do that.

Play your favorite music as you walk/dance/boogey along the trail.

Have the kids look for ways to go over, under, around, and through different obstacles.  

Or run a little bootcamp.  Whenever someone starts to get squirmy, stop to do squats.  

(Push ups, burpees, jumping jacks, whatever you like.)

If that sounds a little too rigid for your family, play a game of Simon Says instead.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Download this fun scavenger hunt and see how many things you can check off! 

(Just click the photo to get a copy to print for your personal use.)

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Nature Walk Bingo

Got an older kid?  This nature walk Bingo card is a little more challenging.

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These ideas will make your nature walk with kids more fun than ever!

If life feels just a little too crazy right now, maybe you just need a little order in your life.  This daily schedule will help you build a little rest into your days:

4 Ways to Make Your Nature Walk With Kids More Fun
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4 Ways to Make Your Nature Walk With Kids More Fun
Taking a nature walk with kids isn't always as much fun as it sounds. Get more "woohoo" and less "I'm bored!" with these memory making tips.
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