5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #148

Why hello there!

I think it’s high time the 5 ways series makes a comeback to Medium Sized Family.  Don’t you?

I know this is one of your favorite things to read on the blog.  And I have always loved writing them.

It’s great for keeping me going on tough weeks.  And I always need a reminder of what’s going right.

(Don’t we all??)

Last year was a rough one.  And when things finally settled down, I decided to tackle a big blogging project that I’ve always dreamed of doing.

But…since I’ve never done it before, there was a steep learning curve.  And the whole thing took a lot longer than I ever thought it would.  (Big announcement coming soon!)

Then we started the 30 Day #Brightsaver Challenge (which, by the way, you can totally still join and not worry about being “behind” or anything). And that took some figuring out, too.

But NOW…here we are.  Back at the 5 ways posts.

Are you ready for this?


Valentine’s Day for Kids: Love On Them (On the Cheap!)

Valentine’s Day for Kids: Love On Them (On the Cheap!)

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t forget your favorite munchkins! Show your love with these adorable Valentine Gifts for kids…sure to get a smile!

It was a quiet, cold February 13th evening a few years ago.  The kids were snoozing, and I was up contemplating, as usual, whether I had done enough to make the holiday special for them.  I already had a small box of $1 chocolates for each of them.

Now I’m not the type of Mom who believes that every event needs to be over the top.  Celebrating in simple ways works out best for my family.  

The more you give to kids, the less they appreciate what they have.  It overwhelms their little systems.

So I decided that I’d give them just one more small gift.  Something I could put together at home for free.  Something that would be a small bit of “icing on the cake”. (more…)

Setting Our Goals for 2020

Every year, we try to set new goals for our family.

Sometime in the first week of January, my Hubby and I sit down and agree to what we hope to accomplish for the year.

In 2019, this just did not happen.

Our theme for the year was basically “hold on tight and try to get through it.”

I gave birth to our sixth child in late February.  And in the midst of all of that, we had to plan a spine surgery for our 5 year old.

We also had a lot of other unusual situations calling our attention.  And all of it was just too much.

I can’t say I honestly missed setting goals last year…to be honest, it was the last thing on my mind.

But still…

I am so excited to get back to setting them for 2020!


This Easy Money Chart Will Show You How to Save $100 A Month

Learning how to save $100 a month has never been easier.

The money saving chart I created a couple of years ago made it easier than ever for people to save $1,000 in a year.

You can see that 52 week challenge here.

It’s fun, because you can use it with the flow of your life.  You save smaller amounts at harder times, and larger amounts when life is giving you extra cash.

Well, why not create a smaller version to help you save $100 a month?

Maybe you’re a beginner, and the idea of saving money has never really stuck before.

Or your situation has you so strapped for cash that saving money feels impossible.

Well I think this chart is going to be pretty eye opening for you!


The 7 Best Money Saving Ideas We Used This Year

I don’t know about you, but in our house, 2019 was a doozy.  This year we had a lot of problems that we could never have anticipated.

It’s all made me very thankful that we’ve made our savings account a priority this year.  Without that, our worried would have been 10 fold.

Reflecting on where your money going is a good habit to have.  We’ve found that focusing on the ways we managed to save money every Friday has been helpful in keeping us motivated.

And at the end of the year,  it’s only natural that we would think about the biggest money savers we used for the year.


30 Day Money Challenge: Have FUN While You Save In 2020

30 Day Money Challenge: Have FUN While You Save In 2020

Join the 30 day money challenge designed to be finished! By keeping this challenge fun and building accountability, we’ll kick your 2020 off to its best start. Best of all, it’s free!

There’s something about a 30 day challenge that makes you feel like you can tackle anything.

But if you’re anything like me you get to day 4 and suddenly that motivation you had…

…seems to vanish.

Which is why I’ve created a 30 day challenge that you can actually finish.

Yes, you.

If you like freebies.  And extra motivation.  And prizes.  


Yep!  Prizes!

Then this is the 30 Day Money Challenge for you.


The Free Grocery List Template That Will Get It Done Faster

This easy to use free grocery list template is just what you need to simplify grocery shopping. Get your life back, but still save money.

I stood at the pantry door and sighed in frustration.  

After just making a trip to the grocery store, I should have everything I need!


Who wants to come home from a tedious two hours of dragging a cart through a grocery store (the size of two football fields) only to find that they forgot a pretty important ingredient for tomorrow night’s meal?

Not me.

And not you.

So how do we avoid this want-to-throw-something feeling next time?

The fix is a grocery list template.  Here’s how it works.


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #147

This stack of movies caught my eye as I headed to check out at the library on Wednesday.

My boys are big Star Wars fans, so I picked up one or two of those movies.  And there was the live action Cinderella video that I knew my daughter would love, too.  

Then I noticed that all of the movies were Disney movies…and that’s when I realized what my library had done.

They were showcasing what was basically a free version of Disney+! 

I had to laugh.

It’s so smart!  And hopefully people will take advantage of this and save on one more monthly bill.


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #146

You guys seems to love these 5 ways we saved posts as much as I do!  And you may have noticed that there haven’t been as many of them lately.

Well, that’s because behind the scenes, I’ve been working my tail off to create something I think will be so helpful in your money saving journey!

Because we are all huge fans of saving money, right?

And one part of the budget that we frugal fanatics love to see how low we can go is…

…groceries.  (Of course!)

So be on the look out for more information about this soon!

(If you really can’t wait to hear more, join the waiting list and be the first to know when it’s ready!)


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts That Will Help You Save Money

Finding the right inexpensive Christmas gifts that still show how much you care can be tough. But this list of unique ideas makes it easy!

Remember in the Little House on the Prairie books when Laura receives the inexpensive Christmas gifts of an orange and some candy? 

One year she even got her very own tin cup to use!

And the year that she received her rag doll was so special to her.

Think about that.  Do you think your kids could even tell you what they got for Christmas last year?

The season has morphed from a simple celebration to an over the top holiday. 

Even if you don’t long for those Little House on the Prairie style days in your home, you probably like the idea of cutting back a bit.