Picture Wednesday #2

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This week on our Mini Farm, we are tackling our (looong) to do list and getting ready for some fall gardening.


great pyrenees puppy


I know I post a pic of Boone every week, but he’s such a fluff ball I can’t resist!  I swear he is doubling in size each week.  Plus it’s national dog day, so I couldn’t leave him out.




The barn cats are still not quite sure of what to think of Boone.  They are starting to get along a little bit.
This little boy is a bit bored since all of his brothers and sister have gone back to school.  I saw a great idea on Pinterest to turn a small pool into a sandbox, so I have been meaning to get it done to give him something new to do.  That’s on my to do list.

While I’d never consider myself a girly girl, I’m not so great with the whole “using tools” thing.  I used the drill to reconstruct a gate that the goats had climbed to death, and it was slow going.  But that just means that I need more practice! Other items on the to do list:


  • put new hinges on this back yard gate (I don’t know why these hinges couldn’t withstand years of many children hanging on them and swinging?  Wait…that’s not what hinges and gates are for?  Oh…)
  • build a goat stand for trimming hooves and fuzz from show goats

Hopefully there will be posts on these as proof that I did them!  I want to learn to be handy.

It’s time to get my fall raised bed planted.  I found a great deal on seeds, so I’m excited to put those pennies to use!

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My Dollar General has small seed packets for 2 cents right now. There aren’t a lot of seeds in there, but they were…

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