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These Christmas shopping tips don’t take much effort, but they can save you a bundle on all your holiday shopping this season!


It was December 23rd.  Hubby and I had spread piles of gifts all across our bed.  We wanted to be sure we had all of our bases covered.  We carefully counted the number of gifts in each pile.  Looks good!  But, wait…what happened here?  This one child seems to be coming up short.

We counted again, hoping we had somehow missed something.  But, no.  It was certain. One child was being shorted compared to the others.

This was a big deal (to us), so Hubby headed to the store.  Luckily, it was open late to accommodate last minute shoppers like us.  We lost sleep, but we were happy to have evened the score.

Now, sure, this was a good story about learning to simplify.  But it taught us something else, too.  Be prepared!  Since that Christmas, we haven’t waited that long to make sure we had everything we wanted for the holiday.

I’ve put other plans in place since then to be sure that we get the gifts we want to give at the best price possible.  Today, I’m sharing my best strategies for saving on Christmas gifts with you!

5 Proven Holiday Shopping Tips You’ll Love To Use!

Christmas shopping tips that will stretch your gift budget farther than ever!

Coupons.  (Yes, I’m Seriously Starting with This.)

Coupons are such an obvious thing that they barely need discussing.  But the days of grabbing a coupon or two from the paper are over for many of us.  How can we make sure we’re getting all the coupons available before we shop?

Become BFFs with your favorite stores.  Join their savings clubs, get their savings cards.  (Do not confuse that with using their store credit cards.  Most of those have obscene interest rates, so if you do use them always pay them immediately.)   Many stores will mail you coupons.  They also send emails with extra coupons and insider tips on sales.

Don’t want your inbox clogged with emails from all those stores?  Set up a separate email just for deals.  Check it when you’re ready to shop.

Always check Ebates before you shop.  Not only do they tell you about sales and coupon codes, but you’ll also get cash back for every purchase you make.  I’ve made well over $100 just by starting my shopping trip at Ebates!

Know Them

If you’ve got a couple of good gift ideas to choose from when it comes to a giftee, that’s great.  You don’t want to narrow in on one great idea and find that it isn’t going to work out.  (Remember Jingle All the Way?)

But maybe you don’t have any clue what to get for that special someone on your gift list.  Maybe you’re better off thinking about categories of gifts instead.

Does this person love to cook?  Are they into prepping?  Are they avid readers?  What things come to mind when you think of this person?  Write down a couple of things they are well known for.

If you shop by category, it’s easier to find a deal on a gift.  Don’t force an amazing deal to work if you aren’t confident the person will love it.  But most of the time, you’ll find something they’ll enjoy.  (Drop the gift receipt into the package just in case.)

Buy Multiples When You Can

We don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.  If you find deals to fit the unique personalities of your loved ones, that’s awesome.  But sometimes a deal can be good for several people on your list.

One year, the Godmothers of each of our five children got the same thing.  I found a great deal on a beautiful 5-year journal.  The idea of only recording one or two lines per day appealed to me as a mother, so I knew all of these mothers would appreciate it, too.

I figure if a gift is something I’d love to unwrap myself, it’s likely to be a hit for others, too.  And if you can knock several people off your list at a bargain price, why not do it?

Christmas shopping tips

Compare Prices

Have you found a great deal in the store but, after a quick check online, realized that you could get an even better deal somewhere else?  It’s important to compare prices whenever you can.

It’s not always practical to do this, but when you can, do a quick search to see if you can do any better on price.

Ever been curious if that deal on Amazon will get any better?  CamelCamelCamel should be saved on your phone or laptop!  Paste any link from Amazon in there and find out when it was last on sale and how much it went for.  It isn’t a guarantee that the price will go as low as it has in the past, but you can get a good idea of what to expect on sales cycles.

Gift Cards and Rebates

I’ve talked about using gift cards for shopping before.  It can be a great way to save just a bit more on an already great sale.  And there are so many ways to do this.

Kroger stores give extra fuel points when you buy gift cards.  Check your rewards points on store reward cards or credit cards.

Check Ibotta for rebates on the gifts you’re buying.  If you have a balance, cash it out and use it to buy a gift or two.

Redeem your Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards and be ready for the next deal.

These strategies are guaranteed to save you a bundle of cash this year.

How do you save the most on gifts?

5 Proven Christmas Shopping Tips That'll Save You The Most
Article Name
5 Proven Christmas Shopping Tips That'll Save You The Most
These Christmas shopping tips don't take much effort, but they can save you a bundle on all your holiday shopping this season!
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