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Does your group or school need to raise money? Here’s the best way to get the funds you need without begging friends and family for money (again).
This post has been sponsored by Funds2Orgs.  All opinions are my own.
If you have school aged kids, you know all about fundraisers.

It seems like every time they come home from school, they’re bringing another flyer asking you to buy more things you’ll never use.

And (of course) there was an assembly that whipped the kids into a frenzy over the thought of winning their own Xbox system.  

Not only do you resent the fact that you have to break your child’s heart again this year (because there is no way you could sell enough to win that Xbox!)…

But you also have to wonder what they’re learning from all of this.

Look, you understand that the school needs to raise money.  And you appreciate that they are trying to be creative instead of hiking up your fees.

But should raising money be done in a way that almost encourages greed?

Isn’t there a better way?

Well I can tell you that there absolutely is.  Not only does this fundraiser turn the tables and teach children about kindness and giving to others…

…but they also don’t ask you for any money.

Sound too good to be true?  Don’t worry, this is a legitimate fundraiser that many schools and groups have used with great success.

Here’s how it works.

How to Raise Money Without Encouraging Greed

Need to raise money for your group? What if I told you that you can do it without teaching greediness to kids? You know, pushing them to sell more and more so they can earn big prizes for themselves? This fundraiser is all about the giving...and it doesn't even ask you to get money from your relatives!

The company is called Funds2Orgs… and they are so much more than another fundraising company.

Connecting the Dots

The focus of this group is to meet the needs of nonprofits, schools, civic groups, and even families.  They also help the poorest of the poor in developing nations and keep shoes from landfills, which is excellent for the environment.  

Your Group

You have a school or group in need of money.  

You know those needs so well.  It’s the teacher that has a classroom filled with students who live in poverty.  She wants to help all of them, but how can she afford to buy everything?

Or the youth group that can’t wait to show new experiences to its kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the trip.

There are plenty of good causes to go around.  But not always enough money to support them, even with well intentioned fundraisers.  

Funds2Orgs has just the right way to help your organization without asking for money.

Think of shoes as the new currency for fundraising!

Many schools, nonprofits, and other groups have learned that a shoe drive fundraiser is one of the best ways to raise money without asking for it from loved ones.

Oh, and since there’s no money to be handled, this is a super kid-friendly fundraiser!  (Remember, Funds2Orgs issues you the check!)

Families in Developing Nations

For families in countries such as Haiti, Uganda, and India, the mission of Funds2Orgs is to help them survive.

Many of these people struggle to feed their families.

They don’t need a canned food drive.  People in developing nations need long term, sustainable employment so they can take care of themselves year after year.

How Does It Work?

Now you wouldn’t think that people who struggle to buy school supplies could help people in completely different countries to feed their families.  

But more often than not, all it takes is one easy thing from the people in your circle.

Because Funds2Orgs doesn’t ask you for cash.  All they ask is that you collect gently worn used and new shoes.

You know, those shoes sitting in your closet that you never wear?

Maybe they don’t fit quite right.  Or they didn’t match the outfit.

Whatever the reason, we all seem to have extra shoes taking up space in our closets.

How Can My Old Shoes Teach About Kindness?

Funds2Orgs is the group that connects the dots between the shoes you don’t need and families in developing countries who want to clean up and sell your shoes in their own micro-enterprise.

Our children are probably aware of the fact that people live in poverty.  But they probably don’t truly understand what that means.

One of the best ways to teach kindness is to give kids a direct link to someone’s personal story.

Maybe it could be someone like Silvia.

Meet Silvia

Silvia is one of the people who were able to move from extreme poverty to becoming a successful entrepreneur. She’s hired her own team of people to work with her because of the big number of shoes collected by Funds2Orgs in the United States.


At the time of the 2010 earthquake, Silvia was living with her young son, David, earning about $2 a day. She was living in great poverty, and once the quake struck, she and David lost every material possession they had at the time.


After a couple of weeks, Silvia’s friend asked her to help her sell shoes, which were essential to prevent disease, especially in the aftermath of the earthquake. Silvia immediately set to work, seven days a week for 12 hours a day, determined to find a path out of poverty for herself and her son.


She also wanted David to get educated, which was a tall order in a country where poverty is systemic. However, it was with a focused determination that she was able to work hard, save, and then start her own business.


Today, Silvia sells the footwear that she purchases for pennies on the dollar from the Funds2Orgs Group in her community, for a fraction of the original cost, but still at a profit. She has a few people working for her, and now she earns over $60 a day, in comparison to the $2 a day or less she was making before the 2010 earthquake.


David was able to graduate high school, as opposed to going to work, and is now attending college, which is a first in the family. 

More to Learn

Putting a face to the lesson can make a huge impact on teaching kindness to your children.

It’s also important to stress that your kids can help someone in need, even when they don’t have extra money.

Too many people assume that the only way to help is to give cash when someone is in need.  But it’s good to learn that your actions can sometimes make an even bigger impact than your money.

Learning While Raising Money

The lessons from holding a shoe fundraiser for your kids go on and on.

Teach them about decluttering.  Once the shoes are gone, that leaves a space you can use to hold something else.  (And is there a more fulfilling feeling than seeing a nice clean closet after a couple of hours of decluttering?)

Teach them about frugality.  We constantly stress that being frugal isn’t the same as being cheap.

Being frugal is about buying good quality items that will last.  Why didn’t these shoes meet that need for you?  How can you be more careful about this in the future?

Teach them about the environment.

Instead of just throwing things away when they aren’t useful any more, look for another way they can be used.

Shoes are meant to be worn, but in this case they’ll help you raise money for not one, but two groups of people with needs.

Common Core Lesson Plans

If you’re interested in taking this fundraiser a step further, Funds2Orgs has created a set of Common Core based lesson plans for students in elementary, middle, and high school.  They even have them for home schooling families!

These lessons cover the topics of math, language arts, social studies, and science while teaching kids about micro-enterprises, business, and money management.

It gives a deeper meaning to your school fundraiser than selling rolls of wrapping paper ever would!

Get started on your fundraiser today and raise money for your school or group without begging for cash!

Interested in learning more?  Go check out Funds2Orgs to see how simple this fundraiser can be!

Got questions?  Leave them in the comments below!