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Sink your teeth into these refreshing summer lunch ideas. They fill you up while keeping you cool!

When the heat is up and your house already feels like an oven, the last thing you want to do is cook lunch.

Heck, you probably don’t even have an appetite!

But you gotta eat, right? And so do the kids.

So use this list of easy, light summer lunch ideas to keep everyone filled up (without overheating).

The Perfect Summer Lunch Recipes

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Hard Boiled Eggs

When I know we have a busy week coming up, I put on a pot of hard boiled eggs.

It’s easy protein on the go, and I know my kids will eat as many as I’ll let them!

Egg Salad

Have a little more time?  Turn those boiled eggs into egg salad!

Use a favorite old recipe or try something new.

(I’ve got my eye on this delicious Cheddar Bacon Egg Salad…drool!)


Muffins are easy and versatile, which makes them my go to option when I’m low on groceries.

Use whatever fruit you have fresh or in the freezer.  The best part is that you can use the fruit that’s starting to get a little mushy (and you know the kids aren’t going to eat it!).

Muffins also freeze well, which makes them easy to keep on hand.

Psst…you can take a favorite quick bread recipe and just make it into muffins.

For something different, make corn dog muffins. 

I like to use this amazing cornbread recipe.  Then I just cut hot dogs into thirds and drop one piece of hot dog on top of each muffin before I bake it.

Roll Ups

Ah, the perfect option when you’re tired of sandwiches!

Just take sandwich ingredients and roll them up in a tortilla.  You can even cut them into pinwheels by slicing the roll into circles!

And suddenly everyone is a fan of sandwiches again!  (Uh, I mean roll ups!  haha)

Look for recipes using your favorite ingredients on Pinterest.  Or try my Pickle Dip Roll Ups for something a little different!

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Anything they put in a Lunchable can also be eaten cold at home, right?

Whip up a batch of baked homemade chicken nuggets

By the way, don’t forget about all of those sauce packets you’ve been saving from the drive thru. Drop one of those into the lunch bag and for an extra treat!

Easy Pasta Salad

You will not believe how simple this Italian pasta salad is to make. And you probably have a lot of the ingredients on hand!

Then divvy lunch portions into individual bowls to make them easy for grab and go.

Chicken Taquitos

Need another way to use up your leftover chicken?

Try these easy Cream Cheese and Chicken Taquitos!  They whip up quickly, taste yummy, and give you something a little different with your lunch.


Who doesn’t love pizza?  There are so many ways to use pizza in lunches.

Make a homemade pizza using this easy pizza dough recipe, and put slices in containers for lunch all week.

large family meals, the best easy homemade pizza dough

Or you could take English muffins, top them with sauce, cheese, and even some toppings, and put them in the toaster oven (or regular oven) until the cheese melts.

Heck, order a cheap pizza from your favorite place (with a coupon).  I’ll never tell.  😉


Take a cue from your favorite lunch places and put together a bowl using your favorite ingredients.

Like this Tex Mex Lunch Bowl, which practically screams “Make me right now!!”

Create a salad based bowl and add toppings that range from a traditional “rabbit food” bowl (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more), to spicy southwestern flavors (with beans and corn), to your own favorite seasonal toppings.


Make a big pot of soup, stew, or chili and put it into individual bowls.  Take them with you to warm up at work.

Or you can warm it in the morning and pour it into a thermos.  Done!

Looking for a refreshing cold soup?  Try a delicious cool gazpacho soup like this one.

Which of these will be your next big summer lunch idea?

Be sure to pin this post for later!

Finish your meal with the perfect summertime dessert!