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The great thing about this post is that it could have been titled “the loner goat” as easily as “the loaner goat”.

Some details you should know about goats before we dig in:

  1. Goats like to live in herds.  They need to have a buddy around, preferably another goat.
  2. Goats can’t get wet.  They don’t do well in the rain.  They kinda freak out about it.
  3.  We recently sent our goats off to the breeder and sold our lambs, so we were down to just our whether, Mike.

I noticed that Mike was getting all mopey and just lying around a lot, so I decided to check with my Uncle who owns lots of goats and knows what’s what about them.  After some discussion, he offered to just loan me a goat until ours get back home.  It was perfect!

So I drove out to get my loaner goat for my loner goat.  (“Sorry, I can’t tonight.  I’m busy getting my companion goat.  No, not my companion.  My goat’s companion goat.  You see, goats like to live in herds…”)

I took Aaron (11) with me since he’s our resident goat guy.  With my uncle’s help, we managed to load up the goat (who didn’t seem exactly happy about being loaned out, but that’s just because he hadn’t gotten to know us yet).  We headed back home.

That’s when we noticed the storm clouds.  (Channel 5 told me it wasn’t supposed to rain until later…that’s what I get for believing the weather guy.)

The big fat drops hit as we approached our small town.  But it was ok!  They were just some big fat drops.  The nasty stormy stuff was still “out there”.  I decided to speed up (to the speed limit…I’m not great at driving a truck and I was worried about my loaner goat).  The skies looked threatening as we turned on to our street.

As I drove past my husband to head toward the barn, he tried to talk to me.  But I just shouted out the window “There’s no time!!”

(Turns out he was asking if we needed any help with the goat…)

We pulled into the barnyard as the skies opened.  I told Aaron to hold tight onto loaner goat (whom the kids are now calling Geoff.  I’m assuming that’s Geoff with a G, since he’s a classy goat.) since the goat wasn’t sure where he was and I wasn’t sure what he would do.

Well it turns out that the rain was on our side, because he headed straight into the barn where we dried him off and tucked him into bed.

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