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If you are a regular reader of Medium Sized Family, then you’ve come expecting the usual post in my 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week series.  I love writing this series!  And don’t worry, because it will return next Friday.

But today I’m going to share a moment of honesty with you.

Why We Didn't Save Money This Week: And why that's ok

Why we didn’t save money last week.

I sat down to write up my usual post, and I just couldn’t get there.  Because the truth is, this has been a rough week in our home.  And it certainly hasn’t been a frugal one!

Everyone has times like this, and I want to let you know that it’s ok.  Sometimes life is going to throw you curve balls.  We all stumble.  The important part is that when you find your feet again, you start your baby steps back in the right direction.

Our son suffered a concussion several weeks ago, and he is still dealing with some bad side effects from that.  In the meantime, our asthmatics have been fighting a bad chest cold (which is obviously not a good combination).

I have made many trips to doctors, urgent cares, and emergency rooms in the past 3 weeks.  But this week has been especially crazy.

I don’t tell you this so you’ll feel sorry for us.  Many, many people are in far worse situations than we are!

What’s the point here?

The reason I am sharing my story is because all of this chaos has resulted in extra bills and debt.  It also means that I stopped for fast food for only the second time this year, and we ordered pizza for the first time all year.

In the past, this would have sent me into a tailspin of self pity.  You know those thoughts.  “We’re never going to get out of debt anyway.”  “If I bought pizza once, I might as well do it again!”  And on and on.

This time is different.  We now have a better habit of not buying easy foods.  That meant that when we were in a real pinch, lacking time and energy, I can make the actual choice to go for the easy food.

[Tweet “There’s a difference between making a choice and taking the easy way out.”]

Making a choice is very different from just taking the easy way out.

My mindset now is that I am grateful that we were in the habit of saving our money and not wasting it on fast foods.  So now when we actually have a reason to do those things, we can do it with less guilt.

I’m proud of the fact that we’ve changed our mindset, and that ordering pizza is more of a treat than an expectation.

We can do this!

This is real life.  We are all going to have tough weeks where we are just doing what we can to get by.  But I know that we can push through this, and I know that you can, too!

If you had a better week than we did and would like to see more money saving tips, please check out the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week series.  There are 22 weeks worth of ideas, so you’re sure to find something to try!

You also will want to see the list of personal finance books that have really made an impact on the way our family spends money.  Some of the books on there might surprise you.

We may not have had a very frugal week, but I’d still love to hear about the ways you’ve saved money this week.  So be sure to leave a comment and tell us about it!  And if you blogged about it, don’t forget to leave a link.