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We’ve reached the week of Christmas!  And I wish a blessed one to each of you.

I tried to keep things simple through our last busy week.  This week I hope to keep them even more simple!  Isn’t that the dream?

But first, let’s see how we did last week.


  • Put up some new Christmas decor Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.
  • Clean and wrap gifts   Not sure why I phrased this quite this way…I didn’t have to clean the gifts I was wrapping (sheesh!).  I did get both some cleaning and some wrapping finished, though.

Family Goals

  • Enjoy family Christmas traditions
  • Bake cookies
  • Learn to care for the hermit crabs we are petsitting over break!

Blog Goals

  • Grow Twitter followers to 360  Wow, I am standing at 417 as of now!  You guys rock.
  • Outline posts through end of year

Personal Goals

  • Daily Bible readings/podcast  Super happy about making this more of a priority
  • Read 3 chapters of Better Than Before  (Not this week)


As for Christmas week, my biggest goal is to keep stress to a minimum and enjoy family time!


  • Clean living areas
  • Finish wrapping gifts

Money/Frugal Goals

  • Try to bake using groceries on hand
  • Earn 100 Swagbucks

Family Goals

  • Celebrate a birthday!
  • Enjoy several Christmas traditions together

Blog Goals

Personal Goals

  • Daily Bible readings
  • Keep stress to a minimum and remember the “reason for the season” (Not a SMART goal, but important to note.)

What goals would you like to accomplish this Christmas week?

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