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My daughter actually cried when she came home to find the walls bare.  Christmas was over, sure.  But did we have to take down ALL the decorations?

Removing decorations is a let down.  But luckily for us, there’s another holiday just around the corner.  Why not spread some happy Valentines vibes by decorating your home?

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make your house ready for Cupid!  Check out these adorable Valentines Day decor ideas (that won’t break your budget!).

Free or Cheap Valentines Day Decor Ideas

You'll love these free or cheap Valentine's Day Decorations. Get plenty of Valentine's Day decor ideas in this post!

(For more ideas on celebrating a stay at home Valentine’s Day this year, click here!)

Paper Heart Chandelier

This paper heart chandelier from Grandma Creates is so much fun!  It’s a cheap way to brighten a room instantly.

Valentines Day Decor Ideas Paper Heart Chandelier

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath

I feel like every holiday deserves to be celebrated with a pretty wreath.  Of course Valentine’s Day is no exception!  That’s why this Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath from Landeelu caught my eye.

So pretty!  (So doable!)

Valentines Day Decor Ideas Valentine's Wreath

DIY String Heart

This project was originally done for a wedding.  But why not use it for another day that celebrates love?

This DIY String Heart from Green Wedding Shoes is not only fun to create, but beautiful to display, too.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas: DIY String Heart

Valentine’s Day Wall Art

For more wall art ideas, give this pretty heart a try!  You’ll find a free printable and tutorial at Tator Tots and Jello.  There’s even a tutorial for making the paper flowers in the comments section, so don’t miss that!

Cheap Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Paper Heart Chains

How much fun are these paper heart chains?  You could make one to string along a mantel or window.

Or make several to cover a door or hallway.

You might already have everything on hand for this great idea from One Good Thing by Jillee.

Cheap Valentine's Day decor

Free Valentine’s Day Printables

You will always see free printables on my roundup posts!

I’m such a fan of them, since they’re a very frugal way to add a pop of color and spirit to any holiday.

You’ll love these prints from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body.  (How’s that for an awesome blog name??)

Free Valentine's Day decor ideas

Valentine’s Day Heart Banner

Banners are always so pretty.  There are so many ways to customize them to the holiday.

This pretty (simple and easy) banner is brought to you by Simple As That.

Simple and cheap Valentine's Day decor ideas

Love Sign

Remember the old comedy bit, “Here’s your sign!”?  Well, now there’s a sign you can proudly display to brag about your love!

This sign is much easier than it looks.  So pop over to Clarks Condensed to get your tutorial and pull one together for your home.

Simple and cheap Valentine's Day decor ideas

Cork Heart

This cork heart from Sand & Sisal is a pretty way to display your cork collection.

If you don’t have enough corks, she’s got suggestions about where to find them.

Personally…I wouldn’t mind adding a few new corks to my collection the old fashioned way.  Wink, wink!

Fun and Cheap Valentine's Day decor ideas

Charming Valentine’s Day Wreath

Use these instructions from Mamaguru to DIY your own charming Valentine’s Day wreath.

The tiny details make this one special, and you can really put your own touch on it.

Cheap Valentine's Day decor ideas

Glitter Heart Mason Jars

Mason jars are so versatile!  If you don’t have any on hand, you can improvise by using a spaghetti or salsa jar instead.

These tips from The Farmwife Crafts will make you feel like a genius for putting this lovely decor together!

Cheap or Free Valentine's Day decor ideas

Put a new spin on your Valentines Day decor this year with these simple ideas.

Who can be grumpy with a house filled with love?

And don’t miss these ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your kids!  Grab the free printables and plan a special day for your special guys and gals.

Frugal Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day for Kids

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day decor?