If you’re sick and tired of spending a mortgage payment on groceries…and even worse, STILL find yourself hitting the drive thru more than you care to admit (hopefully they don’t recognize your voice again this time), then keep scrolling…


It’s not like you want life to be this way.

You’ve printed enough free meal planners to cover the living room floor.

You gave up on meal planning, because it always ends with you mindlessly scrolling Pinterest, jealous of these woman who somehow have beautiful homes filled with white furniture…

all while raising their triplet toddlers?? (We’re all calling bologna on you, Susan.)

And coupons???  Ppppppft.

But I’m here to tell you to cut yourself some slack.

You see, those things aren’t built for crazy busy people who might not have a ton of time and energy…
but are still serious about taking control of their money (like us). 

Those Pinterest perfect women can keep their beautiful chalkboard meal plans filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

…we’re here to do this grocery shopping thing right. 


Without losing our minds.

Which is why you need a simple grocery shopping system that helps you:

    • Have meals you can put on the table without a lot of planning…knowing that the family will actually eat them.
    • Have food in your home that won’t end up thrown in the trash (look away so you don’t see your money going down the drain…er, trash can).
    • Have a reasonable grocery budget…one that gives you wiggle room to save enough that you don’t have to put that replacement tire on the credit card this time.


The crazy simple solution for grocery shopping on a budget without losing your mind, with step by step help so you know exactly how to make it work for your situation.  (Even if you can’t seem to get your grocery bill to come in less than your mortgage payment…yet.)

Let’s take a sneak peek inside Your Grocery Budget Overhaul:

You’ll get your own 35 page workbook that means you’ll get the most out of this course, fitting each lesson into your unique, awesome life.  If you love to write things by hand (because studies show you learn better that way), awesome.  It’s totally printable.

OR, you can have access to fill it out right on your favorite screen.

Up to you.

Module 1: It Starts at Home

Filled with things you can do from the comfort of home.

  • Learn what you’re already doing well (that you can do more of!), and what habits you need to drop.
  • Get the tricks that will make meal planning a breeze. (No Pinterest recipes necessary.)

Module 2: Where to Store Your Food

  • Never wonder where you’re going to keep all that food you brought home from the store.
  • Have a cleaner fridge and less wasted money and resources. (Because who wants to open the fridge to find a bunch of science experiments?)

Module 3: Start Your Stockpile!

  • Figure out exactly what you should have in your stockpile.  (Not mine. Not Susan’s.  Yours.)
  • Get your step by step game plan for waaay easier grocery shopping.

Module 4: Think Outside the Box

  • Never been one to follow a trend just because everyone else is doing it?  You’ll love this module.  Get extra tips for saving even more money in non-conventional ways.


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Here’s what students are saying about Your Grocery Budget Overhaul

Heather says...

“This course helped me to rethink the way I use my pantry.  I already purchased in bulk, but with very little purpose or thought.  Thanks to this course, I was able to add a few tweaks here and there and a couple of major changes  to the WHY and HOW  that I purchased pantry staples  and my grocery budget reflected these changes.  The workbook allowed me to record my thoughts and make a plan and I plan to keep tweaking that plan to save even more!   This was truly a grocery budget overhaul and was so worth the time spent!!”

Ashlee says...

“This course was awesome at helping me overcome the daunting tasks of meal planning, sticking to a grocery budget, and reducing the amount of food wasted in my home.  The step by step instructions alleviated my frustration of not knowing where to start and how to change old habits.”

Karen says...

“Jamie’s course is a great beginner’s guide to learning how to stockpile & grocery shop on a budget. She walks you through each step of the process and breaks it down in to achievable goals. After only a few weeks of implementing her course, I’ve already stockpiled several items without having to increase our food budget. I’m confident that I will recoup the cost of the course in less than a month’s time!”

Are you ready to have more money for your big goals?

Hi!  I’m Jamie Jeffers, blogger at Medium Sized Family.  My Hubby and I are raising 6 sweet but rotten kids 😉 (that range in age from 16 down to a baby).

I have a heart for helping you save money, because I know what it feels like to struggle.

That’s because a few years ago, my Hubby and I were trying to set our goals for the year when we both suddenly realized that we couldn’t do a single thing that year.

We were drowning in so much credit card debt that there was just no money left.

After two looong years (our #yearofno, when we bought almost nothing that wasn’t essential) we finally clawed our way out of debt.

We learned so many things the hard way.  What works…

and a whole lot of what doesn’t.

If I can save you from going through that mess, I will do whatever I can to make that happen.

And that’s why the idea of this course was born.  Groceries are a biggie when it comes to saving. 

It took me a while (and lots of banging my head on the wall) to pull this together.  And I am stoked about giving you the chance to save without the stress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll receive an email with further instructions for accessing the course. Within a few clicks, you’ll have full access to the whole course.

What if I didn't get that email?

Be sure to check your spam and your promotions tabs.  Still don’t see it?  Just contact me and I’ll get it taken care of!

What if I've never planned my grocery shopping before?

You’re starting fresh, and you’ll find this system easy to jump into.

I already have the lowest grocery bill of anyone I know. Do I need this course?

Honestly?  What you are doing is working well, so you shouldn’t make these changes (unless your current method is exhausting you)  You should probably pass on this course.



Are you ready to change your grocery budget for good?

The Your Grocery Budget Overhaul Course…

is only $29

on sale now for just $15.


Are you ready to spend less money on groceries (so you can shove more cash into that “Dream Vacation” jar)?