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Meal planning is not my favorite thing to do.  That’s why I try to get it done in chunks, 2 weeks at a time.  We need meals that fit our busy lives, that are frugal, and that are simple.  I don’t feel like I need to reinvent the wheel each week or scour Pinterest for 14 brand new meals we’ve never tried before.  We use a lot of our tried and true favorites over and over.

For those of you who hate meal planning even more than I do, feel free to use my plan as your base and substitute a couple of meals out for things you family enjoys more!  That’s why I love to share my meal plans.

2 Week Meal Plan for Late February- Frugal ideas for all meals and snacks, plus recipes!

Well, also because it’s one of the best ways to save money on your grocery bill.  And you know I’m all about that!

If you want to make grocery time even easier, be sure to check out my Standard Grocery List.  What a giant time saver that is for us!

Our 2 Week Meal Plan

Breakfast:  (Didn’t get to these homemade items last time, so I will be doing them now.)


  • sandwiches  (PB&J, Nutella, PB&honey, lunchmeat, apple butter)
  • quesadillas
  • leftovers
  • hot dogs (They can’t all be winners…)
  • soup

Supper  (with sides of potatoes, rice, noodles, and fresh cut veggies)

If you need meatless meal suggestions for Lent (or just because!), check out this post.  If you can’t convince the family to go meatless, I can help you with that, too!

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Our snacks and extras include

Those are the meals we love and the new ones we can’t wait to try this week!

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