I was going to put together an awesome post for you today, my friends.  Then life happened.  You’re familiar with that, I assume.

Well today, life so happened to be seeing baby goats be born.  It was amazing!  I have never seen or assisted with animal birth before.  And our two Boer goat does have never had babies before.  It was quite the learning experience for all of us.

Adorable Baby Goat Pictures and Video!

So instead of a well thought out blog post, I’m hoping these pictures of adorable baby goats will do.  If you think you’re not really a goat person, this might change your mind.


baby goat

This is Star, with her to be named later sister hiding behind her.

baby goat



The floppy ears are so adorable!  These guys are about the size of our barn cats.



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One of our barn cats, Mittens, keeping watch over the babies.

baby goat

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Have you ever owned goats?

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