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A Simple (But Different) Daily Summer Schedule For Kids

Get a daily summer schedule for kids that’s simple, doable, and will create the simple summer you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you love summer or hate it, one thing is for sure…

when the daily routine meets a sudden a dramatic shift (like when school is out), everyone feels just a little crazy.

(Or a lot crazy, maybe.)

That’s ok.

Look, finding something to keep everyone occupied doesn’t have to take a lot of brain power from a tired parent. And you don’t have to scour Pinterest for every creative craft, elaborate bucket list, or new trip idea to have the best summer ever.

All you need is the right, REALLY GOOD ideas. (Check below.) And a routine that’s just the right mix of predictable but flexible.

Ready to start?


Cheap Meals For Large Families: Your New Favorite Go To Recipes

If you want easy, cheap meals for large families that you can go to any time of year, here’s the perfect solution.

Let’s face it; cooking for a big family can be a chore.

But if you have the right tricks up your sleeve, you don’t have to dread the 5:00 hour anymore.

These recipes for cheap meals for large families are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Tried, true, affordable, simple…they are just perfect for busy moms like us.

So be sure to pin this list. You’ll want to come back to it over and over again!


Fresh Spring Meals To Serve Right Now

Ahh, springtime. Finally, there’s a better variety of produce in the stores. And after a long winter of yummy soups and casseroles, it’s time for a change in our diets.

If you’re looking for some spring meals to serve with fresh ingredients, here are some of our family’s favorite (and soon to be favorite) recipes.

But just in case there’s another cold snap on the horizon, you might want to save this list of the best savory soups to simmer on your stove.


Easter Desserts That Are A Treat for The Tummy (& The Eyes!)

When it’s time to drum up ideas for Easter desserts, you can’t serve just any ol’ thing.

I mean, this is the biggest celebration of the year! This is victory over the grave, over sin, over all that is evil.

Plus, think of all of those people who spent their Lent in fasting…they’re definitely ready for something sweet.

So what should you serve?

Well, here are some ideas that will have you drooling…


Money Saving Techniques To Begin In 2024

The top money saving techniques you need to save money and fill your savings account in 2024.

Well, here we are again. After months of being encouraged to “buy, buy, BUY!”, we are all now in the hangover period that leaves us wondering…

How did this happen AGAIN?!

Saving money is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, we live in bodies that constantly want to do things that our brains know darned well aren’t good for us.

…and surrounded by people that think you’re weird if you celebrate spending less at the grocery store. (Are you doing alright, sweetie? Do you need a little extra cash this month?)

The truth is that saving money is just like dieting. There’s not a secret to it (no matter what people try to tell you).

When you diet, you need to eat less and move more.

When you budget, you need to never allow yourself to spend all of the money you bring in.

Sure, it’s simple. But no one is saying it’s easy!

And maybe what you really need is a few tricks, tools, and ways of looking at things in a new light to help you make it stick THIS time.

Cheap Dinners For A Family On A Budget

Cheap Dinners For A Family On A Budget

The only list of cheap dinners for a family on a budget you need. Cheap and easy meals made of simple ingredients that kids and parents love.

Can you ever really have enough dinner ideas? Especially ideas that are cheap and easy (without a bunch of weird ingredients you never have on hand)?

Well that’s an easy no.

So go ahead and add these cheap dinners for a family to your meal plan list.

I’m willing to bet you’ll find a new family favorite here. Or even an oldie but goodie you somehow forgot all about!


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #171

Well, it’s happened.

I’ve become a little obsessed with homemade foods.

The thing is, a lot of these foods are waaay easier than you’d think to put together!

On the weekends, I might take an extra hour or two to put together some goodies. And then throughout the week, it’s just a few extra minutes of work here and there.

And it’s saved us an incredible amount of money!


Cheap Christmas Gifts: Inexpensive Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Finding the perfect balance between showing your loved ones how much you care and not breaking the budget is just plain tough.

You want cheap Christmas gift ideas…but you don’t want them to LOOK cheap!

I’ve spent years thinking about ways to make this balance work. And in the meantime, I’ve created a bunch of lists of ideas that will make everyone on your list happy.

(Including you!)

So jump in and find the cheap Christmas gift lists that fit your life.

Quick Bread Recipes You’ll Love For Breakfast, Snack, Dessert, Or Any Time

Quick Bread Recipes You’ll Love For Breakfast, Snack, Dessert, Or Any Time

These quick bread recipes are cheap, easy, and oh so delicious! Make one for breakfast, snacks, desserts, or any time you want.

My family is just a little bit obsessed with quick bread recipes.

Our daughter took quick breads as a project for 4-H, and ever since she has been a bread making machine.

And we don’t even try to stop her.

One reason I love quick breads is because they almost always knock off my list of expectations when it comes to food.

It’s gotta be…

  • quick
  • cheap
  • easy
  • use normal ingredients

Here are some of our absolute favorites.


Easy Apple Bread You’ve Been Craving All Fall

This apple bread recipe is quick and easy. But you’ll love the rich, delicious flavor of this fall favorite.

Jump to Recipe

Visiting an apple orchard has become a must do every fall.

And it was such a great deal for us, this year! We were able to pick apples for about $1 per pound.

Soooo, I came home with like 70 lbs of apples.


I mean, I had some ideas as to how I would use up 70 lbs of apples. But still! That’s a lot of apples!

Well, one MUST have for us this year was apple bread.

It is so full of flavor! Moist (sorry, but it’s the right word here) and delicious, it just tastes like the perfect fall snack.

Plus, you can throw it together in no time. And what mom can resist that?